Thursday, November 30, 2006

The one where it all ends

  1. Yipee .. I posted every single day this month!
  2. One month went by pretty fast. And this doesn't seem so long back.
  3. Posting everyday has been tough - sometimes because there were too many people around and it was difficult to log on without anyone noticing.
  4. Also, at times I didn't have anything to say. Well .. I surprised my talkative self. Seems I don't have that much to say after all.
  5. This month had the usual ups and downs .. . but with greater amplitude.
  6. I discovered grey hair, a rat in the kitchen and that I can run 1km if I try really hard
  7. I took some nice photographs and used them to fill posts when I had nothing to say.
  8. I met more strange people. . which was not nice
  9. And some old friends.. which was nice.
  10. In school we were told never to use 'nice', its too generic. We did exercises where we had to replace entire paragraphs full of nice, with more appropriate adjectives.
  11. I am not in school any more.. so I get to be lazy and use 'nice'.
  12. I made two important resolutions for turning 30 - I'll run 10k and get to my ideal weight. Both are very very difficult. At the moment they seem impossible.
  13. Also, turning 30 is not as big a deal as I am making it out to be.
  14. However, by making it a big deal am hoping to get friends to come over. So will be nice anyway .
  15. Some random facts now since I need to fill 29 bullet points
  16. There's no real reason why I need to fill 29 points.. just that I started on that note and would like to end the month with it.
  17. Random Fact - I had short hair all through school because I was very finicky about how it should be tied and my mother didn't have the patience to deal with my tantrums each morning.
  18. After a point I just liked the short hair and so it stayed that way.
  19. That was all through my teenage years when I also refused to wear anything but jeans.
  20. That streak still remains (about wearing only jeans). Except that I cave in on formal occasions
  21. I had once promised myself that I'd do a course on make-up. I did nothing but continue to be fascinated by how make up can transform people.
  22. I just found out that B is getting me an anniversary present, Christmas present and a New Year present. Now that's a lot of pressure .. since I can only think of one present.
  23. Why can't I think of more presents? There was a time I had gone to meet B on a vacation and carried one present for each day !!
  24. I think I am becoming dumber over the years - actually, I'm sure about it.
  25. I am in awe of people who are good at Math, Music and Art.
  26. Needless to add .. I am not good at any of the above.
  27. I am still trying to figure out what it is that I am good at.
  28. I'm taking a breather for the next few days. Have absolutely maxed out on things to say.
  29. Now I can sleep in peace - I filled 29 bullet points. And unless I am addicted.. I'll be back after a break.


Beks said...

yes, even I need a break

Nee said...

Yay Pea, you did it! Kudos!

Totally with you on 19, 20, 24 and 27!


Ekta said...

woah!!thats some list!!!But i soo relate to most of ur points...especially trying to figure out am good at!