Saturday, January 19, 2008

A rather late recap on 2007

Ending the year on a holiday is always good.. it’s a sure shot a high. Sadly back to regular routine that wears off. So the exhilaration has ebbed and now it’s a more realistic look at the last year.

Last year started with mixed feelings and some resolutions. The good thing .. the resolutions sort of worked out. I did change my job for the better .. much better in fact .. and I did lose weight (well not as much as I would like, or as much as needed .. but am happy with the start). By mid year I was in a comfort zone with predictions for my one word for the year being ‘stability’. That’s actually how it did stay for much of the year.. and I was quite happy for it. The last couple of years before it had too much change .. new locations .. academics .. career change ... after a while it gets tiring. Normalcy and a lack of excitement felt soooo good.

Sadly, as I was settling into comfort zone reflecting on the year things took a steep turn. The shock of the unexpected absorbed part of the blow ... and that it was in more mundane events like work rather than harsher events faced by some friends who lost dear people and faced bad health. And just as I thought we had got to our lowest point .. it got lower .. and my department got restructured. Well, I am lucky to still have a job I suppose.. otherwise the overwhelming feeling is that of being ‘short-changed’.

I am not sure if I should believe the feedback .. or am just missing out on the point. But apparently I got a lower position than I expected since I don’t talk enough about myself. Apparently selfish show-off culture gets you further than being the nice helpful colleague who delivers the work but doesn’t trumpet it. I cannot believe my own naivety. Actually I can’t believe the reality. It has truly been a revolutionary year .. the year I grew up. I suppose the advantage of when you’re junior is that the work is more sugar coated and you’re rewarded as you deserve. Middle management is just a peek into the world of ugly politics which just gets worse as you go up. As I see things get covered up, trumpeted for way more than they are worth, harsh reality being rose tinted .. it seems unreal. While I struggle to accept it .. I reluctantly admit that this is the reality of the corporate work.. it’s a world I need to start getting used to .. to fight in .. and learn to play on its own terms.

And with that .. a very Happy New Year. Hope 2007 was good for you .. what’s your one word for it?