Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Wish there was an exchange offer

. . between my weight and money. I could do with a LOT less weight.. and that would mean a lot more money. Perfect. Sadly, there's no where I can cash in .. and instead to lose the weight I need to lose more even more money.

My mother had the perfect trick to ensure that we were not overweight kids - one, we had an awful cook and two, she didn't believe in the concept of snacking. So if you were hungry the only choices were carrots and tomatoes.. so no one really ate unless they were very hungry. This routine worked perfectly .. and we never even took our weight. Its a different issue and that even then I thought I was fat and now when I look at my school uniform I wonder how anything more than my finger went through.

As the total opposite of my good food deprived childhood I took to eating nonsense the day I started working. Added to that I lived alone and had Maggi every night for dinner .. which I now realize was the worst thing I could have done to myself. 10 years of junk eating has added up very badly and now I suffer. Gym, soups. salads .. but there's barely any difference. So for my 30th birthday I have a resolution. To get close to my ideal weight. Its going to be very very tough given what foodies B and I are. . and its a long long long road.. but it must be done. This year has been such a loser year .. have to make up for it in 2007. B is helping with an ever romantic anniversary present - a personal trainer for a year. I initially had a long list of plans for when I turn 30 .. now its narrowing down to a few focussed ideas. . but this one is going to be by far the most difficult one.


Chai said...

seriously, i know you can do it! it's just a matter of time, patience, discipline, and enthusiasm.

for me, my change came when i thought of the gym as *my* time. i wanted to go to the gym to get away from the cell phone, the computer, the dog just for an hour of my day. you can do it and your trainer, blog readers, and friends/family will cheer you along the way!

Shionge said...

I wish you every success Pea and it's gonna take lots of will-power...I'm struggling with it all the time too but more so for health reason now.

John said...

Heh.. we all tend to put on weight as we grow, qn is to maintain it. And yeh, you are absolutely right on.. Maggi and junk food are the worst culprits.

Beks said...

a personal trainer! *sigh*
I'm about 10 kilos away from my ideal weight and 5 kilos from something close to acceptable.
A personal trainer wounds wonderful!