Friday, November 24, 2006

Bad genes, Bad feet, Bad shoes

I have really bad feet.

How I admire dainty feet in strappy sandals. If I even try something dainty or strappy my feet look like blobs (or as my mum says – they look like pieces of dressed mutton). And it’s not just the blobby muttony feet which are a problem. To make it worse I have totally flat feet and a bunion – all of which results in my feet aching whenever I walk a lot or try to run and I have to beg B ( or anyone I can convince ) to press my feet. Infact, if someone would invent a feet presser (not those silly massagers), I think I’d be ready to trade diamonds for it.

The other fall out of bad feet is that I absolutely hate shoe shopping. Nothing ever looks good anyway. And with an exception to sneakers, all shoes make my feet hurt. It’s only in my dirty old sneakers that I can walk and walk and walk and how I wish I could wear them all the time. But they, look so out of place most of the time .. and so not in fashion .. most often it’s comfort over looks, for me.

The other problem - I can’t run. At all. However, I shall try not to be daunted and really want to be able to go jogging and the likes. B is trying hard to bribe me.. and he says I can get custom made running shoes if I run a kilometre .. even if its on the treadmill. I’ve tried a bit.. and give up very soon.. either my feet give up or I am too breathless. But have decided that I will try at the gym today .. and continue no matter what (unless I collapse or something .. which is unlikely, given it’s just a kilometre!). So bad feet or not - 1 km .. here I come!


Anonymous said...

Hey P- Maybe you should have a chat with someone at a specialist running shop. Here is a link of one which I have used-
I am sure there must be a way out. I have taken up jogging in the last 4-5 months and am saving on the gym bills, you make use of London's green spaces plus it just feels nice to have that chilly air hit your face!

MW said...

Hey Pea!

I started running in April 2005 and have been at it since! I have flat feet too (I think...) and running with regular trainers was really painful. I went to a running shoe store where they tested my feet and recommended shoes that had cushioning under the arch of the foot.That apparently,keep my feet from 'collapsing' when I run.

It cost me £70, but it's been my best purchase ever. Go for it, I would say.

I run with a Women's only running group called Running Sisters. There are thousands of running groups and it really helps to be part of one as opposed to going solo. This way you are motivated to run regularly, keep up a certain pace and possibly do more than you would normally!

Good luck.
PS: Did you get your winter coat yet? I picked up a nice one from Next recently. Trims me down by about half! Illusions...

Beks said...

oh and let me recommend manolo's shoe blog to you -

great fun because he recommends shoes for people with feet issues all the time:)

and best of luck for the kilometre! I hate running trying to slowly walk faster and faster on the treadmill till it's easier to run. A sly plan that's not working.

Nee said...

1 km sounds pretty daunting to this couch-potato, so best of luck Pea!

John said...

My feet are wide so no boots for me :(

Shionge said...

You go girl...Go GO Go! You can make it..slow and steady win the race ya? :D Go Go Go!

Pea said...

[Sunrayz] Thanks. Will check out the site and the shop.

[MW] Which running store did you go to? I still have not got around to9 getting the winter coat .. I think I'll do it after I get back from home. Its not even too cold at the moment.

[Beks] I can walk fast and at an incline.. but just can't run.

[Nee] Thanks

[John] Did I forget to mention my wide feet? Only a few models of Nike work for me.

[Shionge] Am counting on the 'slow' and 'steady'