Thursday, November 02, 2006

From Inside the Fortress

The rodent is back. B saw it last night in the kitchen!

While it is comforting to know that I am not seeing vermins in my imagination, it is very unnerving to know that there's one in the house. I don't know if it's a rat or a mouse.. I don't even care what the differences between the two are.. but am totally creeped out (not a real word. . but should be one, since at the moment it very aptly represents my feelings!).

Since last night, my room is my fortress. I step out only when absolutely necessary. Breakfast and coffee was delivered by B inside my fortress. I had to go out to meet someone, so made sure I came home after lunch since there's no way I am stepping close to that kitchen. And even when I need to get out of the fortress .. I gingerly peep out from behind my door .. stomp my foot and when am absolutely sure that the coast is clear I venture out .. actually dash to the next point is more like it. This can't be continued long term.. we have to find a solution. I called some online pest control people and they say it would cost close to 200 pounds! I tried checking for online rat traps but all the bl**dy pages have pictures of rats popping up .. eeeks .. I quickly shut it all.

Reminds of of when I was in college and our hostel was infested with rats .. and my shrieks. My room-mate .. a strong brave girl from the North (North India) would laugh while I jumped on the bed. She never understood why someone 5.5 feet would be scared of something that wasn't even 5.5 inches! Good for her, since I promptly handed her the responsibility of making sure the house was vermin free.. and I must admit she was pretty effective in her methods.

So here I am, stuck in my room .. with music and the computer for company. I refuse to step out even to get water! The musicals phase is still going strong .. and my favourite CD is CATS - the irony of it all!


Beks said...

Shall I mail you the rat chocolate thingys?
Although I think I am infested with Rats even after two cakes disappeared, hopefully eaten, there is still evidence of the mice around. Am not sure how effective the chocolate is or how may rats we have.:D

Grafxgurl said...

Get "B" to buy a trap for then you dont have to look at the ratty pics.....or maybe your local petstore might be able to help?..

get some rat poison or really strong cockroach killer yourself and put it in a piece of food and leave it on the floor....

Rats show up when the kitchen isnt cleaned well... so make sure you dont leave any crumbs or sticky surfaces...on the floor or anywhere else... get a good antiseptic floor cleaning liquid and other stuff.

*closes her grandma advice book*

30in2005 said...

I would say get a cat but I know that is an impratical suggestion.

Rat trap is the only economical option I can think of.

And once the mouse/rat/rodent is out of the house, then disinfect every surface and as a rule leave no dirty dishes out, and use dettol wipes on every surface once a week. Rats and mice dislike cleanliness (surprise surpise!!)

Pea said...

[Beks] Chocolate thingy doesn't sound too effective. Hope you manage to get rid of the mice. Am wondering even if we do lay a trap ..who will throw I miss our college cleaner now.

[Grafxgurl] Totally outsourced to B. Have given him option to either do all the cooking and cleaning by himself.. or get rid of the rat. Wish I had access earlier to granny advice book!

[30in2005] No dirty dishes - new motto! Earlier we'd pile dishes over a couple of days and then do them at one go. In our older sterile house this wan't an issue.. but now I suppose we have to give up this luxury. New rule - kitchen to be cleaned PROPERLY before we go to sleep.

Nee said...

Sorry Pea, can't talk now - gotta go scrub my kitchen floors and do the dishes!

From past experience, it's not always the state of YOUR kitchen. Back in NY, we used to get mice because we had tons of restaurants around us. Some cities are just rat-infested - NY is one of them, and from the sound of it, guess London is another!

Traps are the best option, and as to who picks them up - that's not really a question, is it?

Pea said...

[Nee]"Traps are the best option, and as to who picks them up" - that's an all important question. Since I will not go near those open traps..and unless B agrees ..not sure what we would do.