Saturday, November 25, 2006

Just do it!

Yipee .. and the little victory dance! I ran the 1km.

It wasn’t so bad after all. My feet were aching after 500m .. I kept staring at the monitor to will it to magically become a kilometre .. sadly magic did not happen.. but hard work did. I shall now work at keeping it up and increasing it. Eventually one day I’d really like to run a marathon .. but that’s quite far .. for now .. my next milestone is 2.5km and then 5km. And next year .. part of my many ‘Things to do by thirty’ .. is running a 10K run. Well’s unlikely to happen before I’m 30 .. but certainly should before I cross into 31. Well, all these are still tall plans far it’s just been 1km … there’s still ‘miles to go before I sleep’.


Shionge said...

:P Yep - JUST DO IT Ms. Pea!

Chai said...

congrats Pea!! that is very exciting!

Pea said...

[Shionge, Chai] Quite excited at having done it. For most people the distance and speed seem like nothing much .. but I feel I've climbed a big mountain!