Friday, July 27, 2007

Turning 30 ..

.. is one thing I did not do gracefully. I went into my thirties kicking, screaming and crying .. in total denial. I know I was over doing it .. but it felt as momentous as I thought it would!

The birthday was a total anti-climax (as everything seems to be when you plan too much). From options spanning all-my-friends-would-come-over-to-London to I-will-go-to-Goa, it included a wide variety, the common theme of which was drowning my sorrows in suitable quantities of alcohol. Well, none of that happened as some older relatives were visiting us and wanted to do a special dinner. So not only did we spend a quiet evening having dinner at home, this was the first year none of my friends called for the midnight birthday wake-up call. At any other time it may not have made a difference.. but this year it made me feel even more old!

While it is not like I suddenly feel older from that day .. and am doing anything differently, but suddenly I feel more aware about growing old. I know it sounds silly, but even till a couple of years back, I thought there was always enough time to do anything I want. Suddenly I feel like I no longer have all the time in the world. There are expiry dates to things I want to do.. and in a few years ..I might actually be too old for them. Scary thoughts!

The twenties had a lot happening and more changes in my life than the previous ten years, now lets see how the thirties go.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

There goes the weekend plans


The one day I go off picnicing, and my pre-ordered copy of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" arrives. Also, the first time that Amazon seems to have sent it through Royal Mail who left a super irritating 'You were out' message rather than leaving the packet with a neighbour. Of course being Saturday, the post office was closed by the time we returned and now I have to wait till Monday to get my copy which is more expensive than if I had walked into Woolworths to buy! So much for B being organized and pre-ordering the book for me ..maybe my lazy disorganized self buying it off a bookshop would have worked better.

There goes weekend plans of sitting in and reading. Oh well .. at least the train journeys this week will seem less boring.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Yet another month

So now it's yet another month that is flying by too fast. First it was all of May and now suddenly we're near the end of July and as usual I am wondering where the last three weeks went.

One thing about getting into the regular work-home-weekend routine is that there's nothing major that really happens. The only major event to be blogged about is my turning 30.. but of course that is going to be a whole post in itself.. on how I entered a new decade kicking and screaming.. perhaps with greater intensity than when I entered the world.

Then there's been a close friends hens night. The first I ever attended.. It was more sober than ones I had seen in Amsterdam, but a great 'send-off' into the 'married world' (for a lack of a better word). It was good fun and sometimes I wonder why we don't do more of this.. not the hens night.. but just more evenings of pure fun.

I have also realised that we need a new laptop/computer to keep peace at home. I dare not blog/surf random Internet from my work laptop (I have images of some evil spy waiting to tell my boss about my wasteful Internet hours and my blog). At home if one of us is on the computer..its a game of patience till the other one explodes and demands fair share of machine time. The only hitch in the otherwise perfect two-machine solution is that investing in another machine for the sake of peace seems a little extravagant.

More things to be dealt with in individual posts. I must remember to write about my whole experience with kids at close quarters. And an overheard conversation between two parents which shocked me a little. But all that for another day.

PS. For those in London, check out the programme of India Now there are some really good concerts coming up in the next few months. There is also a lot to choose from at Barbican and Royal Festival Hall. For all the times that I wonder what I am doing in this city.. when I suddenly get so much to wonderful choice, all questions fade away.