Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Bad Mood

It's been one of those super irritating days when I have had enough. All the greyness is not helping either. I feel like watching some cheesy film and drowning in chocolate. Well, am going to do neither .. except maybe scream a bit and bore you with details, to vent the frustration.

The day started with meeting a couple of opinionated bozos about a job. They behaved like they did rocket science or something, given the amount of suspicion they had in my ability to do the work. Especially when the work is fairly similar to what I did earlier and give me three months and I would surely be able to master it. So much for my confidence, because they dinged (rejected) me across the table. Not that I felt too bad because I would have hated the job anyway, but my ego is hurt, since, they got to reject me and not the other way round.

Oh ..and later I met the most frustrating person .. again job related. Totally futile meeting.. and was asked every personal question in the book .. short of B's salary because by then I had kinda reached the end of my patience and gently (or maybe not so gently) brought back focus to the topic at hand. An extract ..

NP (Nosey Parker): Nice meeting you etc etc
Me: Blah blah .. (discussion on my move to the UK, visa status etc)
NP: Oh you're married (from discussion around visa and move etc). What was your name before you got married?
Me: Irrelevant to job .. but ok will humour you. My name was the same Pea C (which is the same as my cv since I have not changed it.)
NP: Completely blank look
Me: Indulgently explaining. I use my maiden name. Not changed it. In my mind - Got it?, dim wit
NP: No .. but what would your name be after marriage
Me: Frustration rising very fast. It would be the same - Pea C.
The last two lines get repeated three times. Till I spell out that Bee K is husbands name, Pea C is mine (adding the look 'don't even try calling me Pea K because then I'll just whack you right here') - wondering how on earth any of this is relevant.This was followed by where B works..whether he's in the IT division and blah blah. I seriously started doubting if NP was considering me for the job or B.

Anyone want to guess NP's nationality?

If everything is supposed to happen for a reason ..and there's something better ahead for me.. it better include a million dollar jackpot .. because otherwise.. this seems soo not worth it.


Sunrayz said...

My guess for the nationality question- SE Asian (India/pakistan etc). I swear, if it was me I would 've showed my anger and maybe even cut the interview short myself. How irritating!

Nee said...

1. Many people here don't seem to get the whole concept of retaining your maiden name. Freaking medieval a******s.

2. Prospective employers do ask details of what your spouse does, if you are on a dependent visa. I suppose they want to know what happens if your spouse gets fired/whether your visa is legit etc.

Given his whole unnatural curiosity about the name thing, he probably went above and beyond employer-like concern on B's job status...
sometimes it helps if someone plays devil's advocate? :-)

Akkare said...

Is B really in IT? or was that just an assumption based on the fact that because he is Indian, he is either in IT or medicine or engineering. I am constantly asked at heathrow immigration: so are you a doctor? No(blank look).IT? No (blanker look) Oh, so you're an engineer...No (blank look with hand going into jacket to take out the gun)

Pea said...

[Sunrayz] Indian woman, our age, from Dilli. Really wanted to bite her head off .. but.. then she had possible job counted till ten and firmly changed the topic.

[Nee] was way more than visa status.. just plain being nosey! Was esp pissed at this whole name business.. so totally irrelevant!

[Akkare] Neither of us are in IT .. but that's always the first question!

Abhishek said...

yeah...even here the first question..."so, IT-ah?"

Pea said...

[Abhishek] So which place is here? Your profile was disabled.. so couldn't check out your blog.