Sunday, December 03, 2006

What would I miss the most?

The other day we were having the most macabre conversation about computers crashing. Macabre, because atleast for me, my computer is my friend, buddy and everything else. . and the idea of a crash is truly disturbing. In the past we've had many worried hours about the computer and its ill health. B for all his computer training in college cannot solve a single problem and since I am at my harried best in a computer crisis, he is under violent attack from me. I refuse to buy silly excuses about how engineers are not taught to 'fix' computers .. methinks the answer lies in the many nights of drunken revelry.

Anyhow, all these computers crashing stories started a discussion on what would each one miss the most if their hard disc crashed and 'your world' just vanished. I think I'd miss my photographs the most. There is a lot of material from my masters.. but then most of it is stuff I can get from batchmates if there's something I really want. There's a tonne of great music. and other irreplaceable things.. but nothing comes close to photographs. All the years and 10GB of photographs is a lot of lovely memories captured and saved for posterity .. and it would hurt to lose them. I have backed up everything till before we were shifting .. but all these horror story discussions reminds me to make a copy of the new photograph folders - Now!

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John said...

Comp crashing.. been there many a times :D As they say, take a back up, and back up the back up, just in case.