Monday, January 08, 2007

Something new

I haven't done something new in a long long time. Infact, in all the last few months, I can remember little else except being perpetually gloomy. Well, I am no where close to being happy about my job, but with atleast some sort of job we can now think of other things. Also, given the horrible winter, we don't have too many guests these days..that's a lot of free time for us to talk!

So as of day after tomorrow, I might be one of these people in the picture. Yes, we are going to learn ice skating! I was assured today that the idea sounds far more cool than the experience will be. What the heck, I am excited to be doing something interesting for the first time. And maybe, just maybe .. in a few weeks .. tottering me (I can barely walk on a plain road without falling down!) .. might just be skating along.


Beks said...

Mt Batur? I'm so impressed! Whatever the experience of learning will be like - I'm sure being able to skate will be so cool!a

Risha said...

sounds really exciting!!
am sure its gonna be fun, this is near west minster right?

Me said...

Have fun ice skating - And happy learning.
My bottom has been perpetually scarred but i totally enjoyed doing it
Hey, all the best for your resolution and the job hunting!!!

Sonal said...

hey...I started learning ice skating since last Wednesday too...I was paralyzed for the first half an hour and didn't move at all..just 'coz I didn't wanna fall down. But then my instructor just pushed and made me I can walk/march on ice...even though its still terribly awkward! :)

You guys have fun! Make sure you go with gloves on!

Pea said...

[Beks] But that assumes I will be able to skate .. that is if I can ever get beyond the fear of falling and leave the rails.

[Risha] I changed the picture, the earlier one was near Natural History Museum in South Ken and the current picture is at Tower Hill.

[Me] I can so imagine being more on my bottom than standing :(

[Sonal] Thanks for the gloves tip. Oops..this sounds scary. Lets see how it goes..can just imagine being frozen stuck to the rail in fear.

Sonal said...

Hey how did it go? Did you fall? :)