Sunday, January 07, 2007

A resolution and a wish

Its already a week into the new year. . and about time for resolutions. Usually, I make a long list of resolutions and true to stereotype, I break most by the end of the first month. For once, I want it to be different. So this time. I am making just one resolution I want to see through to the end of the year. Its something I've mentioned earlier in different contexts and that is .. getting to my ideal weight. That's it ..the one super tough resolution for 2007.

And the wish. My one word to describe 2006 is 'Low'. There were a variety of reasons .. but the predominant one being the struggle with getting a job, and finally having to accept an offer in something I am not interested. This year I wish for a change in jobs and one which is a lot closer to what I would like to be doing.

That's the simple list for what I want from 2007 .. just hoping it goes as planned!


MW said...

Happy New Year, Pea. Good luck with your work and the search for a fulfilling job. I'm sure you'll find something that you'll enjoy doing.

As for the weight...join the gang!

Best wishes

John said...

Ahhh, I guess right the moment I read the word resolution that it had to do with weight :D

And 2007 seems to be 'low' for me :( Here's hoping this year turns out right for you.

Risha said...

Good Luck with the resolutions. Where there is will, there is a way, just believe in yourself.

BTW your list and 2006 experience seems just the same as mine :-)


Risha said...

btw forgot to mention, thanks for the links!!

Pea said...

[MW] I really hope something interesting comes by.. otherwise I might just be the first person to die or boredom!

[John] Hey.. 2007 has just begun .. be more optimistic.

[Risha] "Where there is will, there is a way" .. now just have to keep up the will for the rest of the year.

[Risha] You're welcome.. hope you find something interesting.