Wednesday, August 16, 2006

When was the last time you did something for the first time?

I can't remember where I had read this .. it was sometime a few years back. I like the sentiment very much. Whenever I've felt my life getting monotonous I've asked myself this.. and if I have no exciting answer .. I've tried to do something. Its also an interesting question to ask others .. I've got to know more about my friends this way.

While there's been a lot happening in my life with graduating from school, moving cities, looking for a job ... the last time I can think of something interesting I did for the first time was trek on a volcano. It was a lot of fun .. A couple of friends, Bee and I went to Bali for four days last January. We visited the usual list of temples, dances and all .. but decided to also include a climb on Mt Batur. Its not a big challenge for someone who is very fit .. but for me it turned out to be quite a difficult task.

We left the hotel at 2 am, drove 60km to reach the place where we met our guide. We started walking at 4am (since we wanted to reach the peak before sunrise). It was not too difficult to start but gradually became tougher as we got to the steeper parts. At points I thought I'd give up but with a lot of encouragement I finally made it to the top. The climb was very exciting since it was in the dark by a dim torch light ... and once we got to the peak it was beautiful. Thanks to me slowing everyone down we reached a few minutes after sunrise.. but did manage to get some lovely pictures. The climb down was much tougher as it always is .. it didn't help that I am very scared of heights and would keep panicking every few minutes. The guide was fantastic and really helpful and we made it back in decent time. It was a very memorable experience. Later in the year we visited another volcano (Mt Etna) but there we went up in a jeep and while it was stunning at the top - I didn't feel we had "earned" it. .. and anyway .. it was not my first time on a volcano.

While there's a lot of new things happening in my life at the moment ... I haven't done anything new and interesting in a while. So am considering my options.. maybe try rollerblading .. or ice skating once its colder .. or learn sketching... the options are endless!

So when was the last time you did something for the first time?


Grafxgurl said...

hello :D thanks for visiting my blog. welcome back anytime!
wow i love trips like that!!

Sunrayz said...

For the longest time I couldn't disssociate between work and personal life. As in, if something intersting was happening, it had to be in my professional life. I never thought anything interesting should happen in my personal life!! That changed in the last year and a half when I struggled to get a job. For nearly 6 months I was 'paralysed'. It took another stint at work to make me realise I needed to get a real 'life' I joined Gospel singing classes :) It was the best thing I did in a long time. I decided I will always do something totally different each year.Come September I start belly-dancing and Spanish classes. So in a way, I hope to try and take the the question , 'when was the last time I did something for the first time?', away from my life!

Pea said...

[Grafxgurl] I loved Bali ..and travelling around the region. Europe is interesting.. but soooo expensive!

[Sunrayz]Gospel singing sounds interesting. .and belly dancing more so! Am waiting to get over the job angst to get on with my life...right now we've put everything else on hold. Would like to continue with French ..learn something new ..maybe an instrument.