Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Being employed again

Its official - I hate my new job. Incase I had any doubts before joining that I might just be ok with it .. it's been proven otherwise. Also ..I keep thinking how this has been many steps back and my whole 'career change' plan has flopped.

That said, however underpaid I might be .. its nice feeling to be working again. Somehow I feel much more efficient when I'm working. Though I have much less time..I am way more organized...and effectively get more done. Its also been interesting meeting people from around the world and I'm totally enjoying the after office drinks. I never imagined how cosmopolitan London work places are.

The other big thing is a feeling of independence. Not that B ever even mentioned a thing about what I spent .. but its an ingrained feeling. Though very soon after I started studying I lost all regret of spending B's hard earned money and started thinking of it as 'our' money (*sly grin*) .. I now realise that I always did have that thought somewhere at the back of my mind. It feels good now.. to think ..that at the end of the month there'll be a cheque waiting for me.

Tonight I am also totally enjoying some 'alone' time. With all these months of being alone at home .. I quite enjoyed the time I had to myself (though perhaps I had a bit too much of it then). B is at some dinner with a friend and after ages am home alone .. and it feels quite good. (oops ..I forgot B reads the blog now) At any rate.. I had a nice quiet dinner catching up on what everyone has been doing. Now back to looking for a job .. to get myself out of this place asap!


Sonal said...

Hey girl...just hang in there! I am totally there with you...same phase in life...just different places thats all! Sending you lots of good luck for the job hunt!

John said...

I'm tired of working.

Risha said...

its just a phase will pass by, I'm sure something good is awaiting you.
all the best.

Me said...

Hey, I know it sucks but you are employed!!!!!
Hoorah for that and I am sure something fun will come your way!
In the meantime, here's to making money doing meaningless rubbish.

Beks said...

I love that feeling of independence - like you I made the transition from his money to our money fairly quickly, working again has been so liberating, even though I hate my job profile.

Akkare said...

Dont worry. you had to start somewhere! very soon you will be where you deserve to be.

Nee said...

I agree with Akkare - you have a job, now you can work towards getting a better one.

Pea said...

[Sonal] Sending you the same good luck thoughts..hope this years works out well job wise.

[John] So am I ..just that I need to so that I can pay rent.

[Risha] Totally counting on it. Keep repeating to myself .. this too shall pass!

[Me] Cheers to that.

[Beks] I know. Though we're planning to save a bit and not keep senselessly spending.. still.. it feels nice.

[Akkare] Whenever I think of being stuck in the wrong company, wrong place etc ..I think of your whole job search and move post. I can so relate to it.. hope it has the same happy ending.

[Nee] Yes .. counting on that!