Thursday, August 02, 2007

Problem Solved!

I have been wanting to send a bunch of photographs home and was thinking of going down to the photo store and getting them printed. The usual busy-lazy combination has, as expected, added this to my long 'To-Do' list which is just not getting done. Then thought of uploading them and picking them up from Snappy Snaps during the weekend. Again too many dependencies on me. I figured that Kodakgallery must be having an India version on which I can order them instead of having to wait another four weeks to visit the post office.

Well, Kodakgallery did not have an online option for India .. but found lots of other sites that do. I am a little wary, since in the past many of these online India orders have been messed up and it has been a long painful process of getting the money back. But am now planning to try Picsquare. I have read some good reviews about them on a few blogs and they have a phone number! The prices are also really good (cheaper than when I got them printed at home last time!). I am really excited, the online option makes the whole thing so much simpler. Just hope it works well - will keep you posted.


J said...

Lllllllllaaaaaazzzzzzzzzzzyyyyyy booooooonnnnnneeeeeeeeeess

Grafxgurl said...

what about Photobucket?

Grafxgurl said...

oh and Snapfish is good too.