Friday, July 27, 2007

Turning 30 ..

.. is one thing I did not do gracefully. I went into my thirties kicking, screaming and crying .. in total denial. I know I was over doing it .. but it felt as momentous as I thought it would!

The birthday was a total anti-climax (as everything seems to be when you plan too much). From options spanning all-my-friends-would-come-over-to-London to I-will-go-to-Goa, it included a wide variety, the common theme of which was drowning my sorrows in suitable quantities of alcohol. Well, none of that happened as some older relatives were visiting us and wanted to do a special dinner. So not only did we spend a quiet evening having dinner at home, this was the first year none of my friends called for the midnight birthday wake-up call. At any other time it may not have made a difference.. but this year it made me feel even more old!

While it is not like I suddenly feel older from that day .. and am doing anything differently, but suddenly I feel more aware about growing old. I know it sounds silly, but even till a couple of years back, I thought there was always enough time to do anything I want. Suddenly I feel like I no longer have all the time in the world. There are expiry dates to things I want to do.. and in a few years ..I might actually be too old for them. Scary thoughts!

The twenties had a lot happening and more changes in my life than the previous ten years, now lets see how the thirties go.


Nee said...

Aw, Happy Birthday Pea!

Southways said...

I went kicking and screaming too...dont worry, life does gets better.

30in2005 said...

Happy Birthday Pea! I'm so old that now I have to refer back to my blog to check how I turned 30. I think I had gotten over the angst while I was turning 29 (which was a far bigger deal for me) and the turning to 30 was fun-filled and joyous. I can confirm that the 30s as a whole are fantastic. There is no better decade....

Pea said...

Nee: Thanks

Southways: Am counting on that.. because now I suddenly have this whole new perspective ..most of which is about how I am close to being really really old .. the 90s kind!

30in2005: Really ..29 ..why was that so horrible. Am now waiting for the wondrous thirties to unfold.