Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Its a small world after all

Bek's comment about Notre Dame being Kottayam in disguise made me think once more about how similar people are all over the world. Before I joined my masters, my view of the world was quite different. I never thought that I would relate so much to people from different places.

Soon after I joined school, we had a women's dinner. I hadn't expected that people from all over struggle with the same problem of sharing (or rather not sharing) housework, issues around working especially working mom's, staying on in bad relationships ... Another thing which was most common was that while for most of the wives/partners had left their jobs to relocate to the city where we were studying, most of the women were alone since not too many husbands/partners would imagine leaving their job and spending a year unemployed or doing things that didn't really further their career.

Then there are customs which make me feel so at home! I recently met someone from the US whose boyfriend is from Eastern Europe and she was telling me about how when she visited his home the entire focus was on eating, eating and more eating. And visiting every friend and relative in the town ... and even on after dinner visit there would be a huge spread laid out. That sounds so much like my trips to India ..and visiting relatives.

There's of course many more examples of similarities. .. as there are differences.but I hadn't expected there would even be this much in common. But even within that, I always felt that Asians have more in common. Maybe that is why at some level I felt more comfortable in Asia even when I was outside India or could be that I was having too much of a good time at school!

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Beks said...

I don't know, I feel closer to the Asians here as well. Of course this could be because we had the international students orientation already and we got to know them so much better.