Thursday, September 06, 2007

Playing catch-up

Started on 3rd September 2007:
Playing catch-up, that's something I am doing a lot of these days.

Work has been crazy, crazy, crazy. Carrying work home, late evenings and general chaos. In the course of my current project, I have also discovered the wonderful world of gathering many useless and useful facts from the National Statistics website. Like, did you know that Indians are the second largest group of immigrants entering UK. They used to be the largest till Poland beat us by miles after joining the EU. Of the Indian's who came to UK in the last year, the local area with the highest percentage of people settling in was Brent (5.8%) compared to the 2.2% of all new immigrants taking up housing there. Then there are lots of other facts on number of people getting divorced, reason by vintage of marriage (!!) ...and the list goes on. Some things ofcourse seem suspect, like this time use information from where it appears that men in the UK sleep for 8.04 hours a day but work only 3.45 hours a day. How do they now this, apart from the fact that the ratio between sleep and work seems worrying.

August also had two trips out of town and a friend staying with us for a few weeks. So its been both fun and busy. The bank holiday weekend involved nearly 40 km of walking over three days. Super tiring.. but in good weather and a pretty place its not that bad. Descriptions and pictures in due course.

Infact, today the only reason I am home so super early is because of the wonderful tube strike. Paranoid as I am, I refused to wait till 6pm (that's when the strike was supposed to start) to find out what happens.

Continuing on 6th Sept:
Given that I did not even get time to complete this post should give you an idea of how things have been.

Actually its a little better now. Work is a little more under control - for now. I had the most terrible stiff neck which lasted for 5-6 days and was so bad that I would wake up in the night when the pain killer wore off. That's a lot better now. And ofcourse when everything goes wrong, it all happens together - so along with 'pain-in-the-neck', there's been a crashed computer and other woes to deal with. The house has also been getting messier and messier and messier as we've been getting busier and busier and busier. Its at the point where we need a whole day to scrub and scrub and to feel like we can live here again.

All I wish for is a few uneventful weeks to catch-up and then I'll be ready for the roller coaster again .. not really anyone ever ready for roller coaster weeks?

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