Tuesday, June 19, 2007

All in a month's work

This evening I submitted my first entirely-done-on-my-own report at work. Since I joined I've been working on bits and pieces from other people's projects .. and this one also started the same way. Someone was going on leave and I was to take over and put in the finishing touches. But when I sat to review it with my boss a few weeks back, he wanted it re-done from scratch. In the last couple of weeks I've gone through three outlines and two drafts before submitting the official version 1. The approach my boss uses is very different from anything I've worked on before. Its fairly efficient and has enough checks to hopefully have minimal revisions on the final draft, but the process itself it sooo tedious. Perhaps being my first time he made it more controlled so that I don't show up with my cr*p a month later.

Its been very interesting for me since I have learnt a lot about the industry and the company in the process. I've also interacted with lots of people around the organization to get relevant information needed for my analysis. In the process I have realised how there seemd to be so many people doing very similar things. .yet it is so difficult to get the information I need. To get one number I once actually spoke to 10 people. .its so bureaucratic!

The other problem was that being my first project I obviously want to make a good impression. I once again (its an old habit) spent too much time researching some things and trying to get the perfect answer, rather that use the trade-off effectively between quality and speed. After all having it all worked out after the event is over is not too smart. Worse perhaps is the amount of time and care I spent formatting. .but then again ..shallow as it may sound..packaging matters.

Well, tomorrow when I get feedback I'll know if I messed up or it went well. Its all important since the mid-year review is coming up. At any rate, tonight I get to sleep well .. for all I know tomorrow night I'll be up all night doing the re-works.


Nee said...

Good luck! Am sure you'll come out with flying colors!

Beks (& Ro) said...

I'm sure you'll ace it! best of!

Southways said...

Come on, tell us the feedback. Was he impressed?

Pea said...

Nee, Beks: Thanks :)

Southways: Well did not give much feedback .. but given he only asked me to change one slide out of 50 .. I don't suppose it was too bad.