Friday, June 22, 2007

I did nothing today and still got paid ..

As is obvious from a post from home at 6pm .. today was not a particularly hard day!

To be fair.. it was not as easy as doing nothing.. (though actually that might be quite difficult) .. but it was quite relaxed. I needed to wrap up a report .. do my work plans and that was pretty much it. I start on something new from Monday .. so it was like my day off. And the Fridays at the out-of-town office is always fun since it is dress down day. After all a day in jeans and sneakers can never be bad!

So am home at a ridiculously early hour with nothing to do on a Friday evening (three years back this would kick me into depression thinking I have no social life).. anyways I plan to tidy the house. Have put a nice (hopefully nice) white wine into the fridge .. and shall spend a relaxed evening chatting with B and maybe watching a DVD. Just the thought makes me feel so old though.. oh well ..tomorrow we're going for a house party.. I suppose I'll make up then by drinking and dancing all night.


Mr. J said...

Days like these.. part boredom part relaxing.

Pea said...

Mr. J: They are perfect!

Anonymous said...

I hope never to become like you. Cheers!