Sunday, January 21, 2007

A bunch of reviews

There's been some hectic movie watching happening in the last few weeks.. and I would recommend nearly all of them.

The best one was yesterday, The Last King of Scotland. I don't generally read movie reviews, but B does and he insisted we go for the film though I wasn't sure. It was not a light afternoon film but was fabulous. For one, I got to know a lot more about Idi Amin. But more significantly, if you want to watch some fantastic acting, Forest Whitaker was outstanding. I read later that he has won a lot of awards for this role as well.

A few weeks ago, we finally got to watch Little Miss Sunshine. I totally loved it, especially the end. I didn't have very high expectations, but it was so crazy that it was a lot of fun.

Then there was Guru. I quite liked the film - some good acting, interesting theme. I would have liked an idealistic end but it was realistic in terms of being able to get away in corporate India with little punishment. I didn't like one part, the reaction of the investigation panel. To me, it seemed like they were moved enough by Guru bhai's speech to condone all he had done. But irrespective of the end, the means were wrong, and a good speech does not justify it.

Two other nice movies we watched at home were Before Sunrise and Before Sunset. I loved the first part. It felt so spontaneous that it was lovely watching it. The sequel seemed a bit forced but I loved some of the general dialogues. It all just seemed so natural. While I prefer neatly tied up ends, I liked the open end of the second part, leaving it to your imagination.

On a non film note, we finally went for Alegria. It was a lovely evening out. I didn't enjoy it as much as the Quidam, which is the first Cirque du soleil show I had been for. Maybe because that had much more novelty value so I feel I liked it more, or maybe it was more interesting. I'm not sure which, but it was still a lovely evening and an interesting one too.


John said...

Movie mania!!! I watched Gun Glory on TCM and Chronicles of Narnia.. not bad I say.

Tried watching Guru, but didn't quite work out. Btw, if you wondering where, try out they got some stuff for us unfortunate souls you see ;)

MW said...

Go see Happy Feet. I loved it!!

chai said...

oh, i cant wait to watch last king of scotland. and i just updated my netflix queue. i am so excited to watch these movies!

shakester said...

absolutely love before sunrise.
saw it many years ago, then sometime last year D and I got both and saw them. I knew before sunset could not possibly live up to Sunrise...but it was still riveting...

Ayshu said...

I hv seen Guru and little miss sunshine...and kind of agree with the reviews. LMS was a typical feel good movie!

Nee said...

I really liked Guru too.
You're tagged btw - don't know if you do tags!

Pea said...

[John] I really liked Chronicles of Narnia

[MW] Just check out the trailer .. looks very cute. Shall try and catch it.

[chai] It is really good.. but don't watch it on a Friday night.. pretty depressing.

[shakester] Totally agree.

[Ayshu] I really liked it. Am thinking of buying the DVD.

[Nee] Shall do tag .. sometime over the weekend perhaps.