Friday, January 19, 2007

Through rain, hail and storm

Yesterday, in one shot ,I was transported to Bombay.

It really was a very windy day .. and I could feel my overcoat being practically blown away on my walk from the tube to office. But I never imagined the transport services would be hit so badly. By evening the atmosphere was like an evening in Bombay when it had rained through the day. Bombay - Central line down, trains delayed and people discussing strategies of how to get back home. London - It was exactly the same with the tube line down in some of the outer zones, long distance trains being severely delayed or suspended.. and everyone making strategies on the best way they could get back.

I never imagined it would be this similar but I hear the the transport services cannot deal with anything out of the ordinary. I've warned to wait for the day there's even half an inch of snow!

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