Thursday, August 31, 2006

The Good and The Bad

The Bad
I am so depressed today. The whole job hunting nightmare continues .. . . and while a lot of other things in my life at the moment is hunky dory .. this is tormenting me. The only potential job on the horizon is one I had said I would never go back to (... never say never .. never say never .. . I really should have listened to my mum more!) Actually I can't decide if I will be sadder if I have to join the job or if I don't get it - its a toss up there! I desperately want something good .. challenging and that pays well. Earlier I thought money would not be an important factor in my job decision making.. but some of the difference between sectors is too much to ignore ... turns out I am more mercenary than I thought I was! In all I am terribly depressed and think I shall go watch some mindless film..

The Good
Bee has got me a very very early new year present - tickets to Alegria. Its here in Jan at the Royal Albert Hall.. I heard that one should go there for a performance anyway .. and am sure this will be spectacular.

I had first read about Cirque du Soleil in a marketing case .. it was about how people were losing interest in the circus with the advent of television and cinema and two former performers, Guy Laliberté and Daniel Gauthier, created a new space with the grandeur of theatre and elements of the circus. It was a circus (minus animals) set to a theme, grand music, costumes and lighting. It was a really interesting case ... and I was very curious after reading it. Last year I went for my first cirque show... and I loved every minute of it. Though its ridiculously expensive for us .. we're going again - I am terribly excited and really looking forward to it. I am sure it is going to be better than what I can even dream it to be .. and I know I won't be disappointed!


Sunrayz said...

I could identify with your worries regarding the job scene. Just remember you are trying to get a job in a new country. If you get that 'never say never' job, maybe you could take it- it's like a step into the system isn't it? I saw the Cirque last year- FABULOUS!! I think it also had a lot to do with the setting- RAh is a lovely space.
PS: The pics from the carnival are nice. I couldn't understand how your friends didn't start dancing!

Grafxgurl said...

cheer up....job hunting isnt easy and you will get one that is perfect for you.. dont worry. keep applying.

i LOVE the CS!!! they are so awesome!!!

Pea said...

[Sunrayz] Its a little complicated because had left my my job to study and this would be my first job after graduating... problem is that am trying to change my function and that too in a new country adds to the complexity! And if I get join that 'old never job' ... am scared of being branded into belonging to that industry.

PS Just got a call from them (never job ppl)..and they are so totally taking my for a ride - AM LIVID!

[Grafxgurl] Yes.. keep applying is the key!Just that it takes more and more effort as time goes by

Sunrayz said...

Gosh - your job story sounds so much like mine, it's surreal!! Studied to make a change of direction in career, diddn't get any new job in new stream which I so wanted, new country etc etc...Was exactly in the same situation last year. Things look better today but still have a long way to go. Sigh. Don't lose heart Pea. Something will happen.

Pea said...

[Sunrayz] Quite a parallel. Hope you get to what you wanted .. how's the fellowship application going?

I suppose I have to accept that it'll be a slow journey to where I want to reach ..and take little baby steps.