Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year

Wish you all a very very Happy New Year.. and hope all your dreams come true.

2006 has been a long year in some sense.. fraught with a lot of struggle and tension. In some also seems short with moving to a new country. In short ..its not a year I am going to forget easily. Though I know time is a continuum, somehow the new year brings with it new hope. So hope its a great year for all of you as well..I have my fingers crossed and hope my luck turned at midnight.

Here are some pictures from last evening, which B very enthusiastically took for my blog (have I mentioned, I finally broke the secret to him). Its along the south bank of the Thames. We have some friends over for the New Years break, so were taking them around. This is how we ended 2006.

St Pauls Cathedral

Lovely lights of the totally bare trees. Its my first winter here, and the trees without a single leaf do not fail to amaze me every time I see them.

The classic London picture.

The end of the walk for the evening, London Eye.

And the final thought for the year - What's the one word which describes the year 2006 for you?


(B) said...


I couldn't have dreamed we would be where we are now this time last year. Very, very eventful also.

Happy New Year to you!

John said...

Hapy New Year to you too. Hope you had a blast. Hmm one word for 06, Hectic, or should I say, The year was just packed :P

Risha said...

wish u a very happy new year to u,lovely pics, for 2006 -thank god its over

Shionge said...

Happy New Year Pea and thanks for sharing lovely London :P

Me? Shiokilicious ok course :D

Nee said...

One word for 2006....'Trying'.
Happy New Year.

Me said...

One word that describes 2006 for me?
It took forever to end and forever for 2007 to start:)
Happy New year!!!

Pea said...

[B] Am sure 2007 will be even more so with your move abroad.

[John] Hope its another hectic year full of achievements.

[Risha] My sentiments - thank god its over!

[Shionge] Your appreciation of London pictures keeps me going with all the picture posting.

[Nee] Hope 2007 is better.

[Me] I am still not sure if mine was long or short.

ciclista said...

Veri nice pictures from London!

Sonal said...

My one word for 2006 - Eventful!