Wednesday, December 27, 2006

And .. am back

Holiday over.. and am suffering from terrible post holiday depression. I already want to be back home ... mid year vacation seems tooo far away at this point.

While the journey back was much better than the journey to India.. the arrival at Heathrow was as chaotic as ever. For once, immigration was not a long line! But all the time gained there was lost many times over thereafter. In Frankfurt we needed to check in one of our cabin baggages because smarty pants that we are ..we didn't realize that Duty Free alcohol from India would get counted as 'liquid bottles' and therefore not allowed. So lots of running around in Frankfurt airport ..and since it was last minute.. the luggage was on the next flight. Forms filled, we finally went to catch the Heathrow Connect home.. but that was not working for Christmas .. and I was not going to shell out double the amount for Heathrow Express.. so we made the 1.5 hour journey home on the tube.

We have still not bought our overcoats so thought we'd go shopping to beat the jet lag. What a mistake! This is not something I was prepared for. There are no words to describe the nightmare and we beat a quick retreat. Finally, when I was looking forward to just collapsing to sleep ..I had to not only coordinate with the airlines to get my baggage..when it did arrive it was a mess with a the Blue Curacao bottle broken and all the contents sticky and blue. I could have cried at the amount of cleaning up we had to do in our terribly sleep deprived state!

The other new development .. I am joining a new job today. It was an offer I had got just before I left. It is like many steps backwards. I will be doing the same work as I used to before my masters. I was really hoping another interesting offer would work out before I returned .. but sadly it has not.. and I have to take this. This seems like the biggest anticlimax in my life. I had dreams of waking up excited at some new job I would be joining.. and instead I feel like a child going to nursery who has to be dragged there by the parents. This is so not how it was supposed to be. Am hoping the new year has something better for me.

And now for some friends visiting London for New Years. Unpacking to be done before they arrive tomorrow. Blog reading to be caught up on.. have no clue whats happening in everyone else's life. And trying to cheer up for the last few days in the year. Oh ..and a little late.. but Merry Christmas.


Risha said...

nice blog you have here. I stumbled here via qsg.
Happy unpacking, and Wish you a very happy new year.

(B) said...

Hey! Missed you! Shopping seems equivalent to sitting in a Bombay train at rush hour! Awful!

Sorry that you didn't get you dream job, but it never rains but it pours, am sure something else will turn up.

Just dropped by to wish you a Happy New Year!

Me said...

Hey, glad you are back!!!
Happy New Year!!!

Shionge said...

Welcome Back! Happy Blessed Year ahead...take care.

Anonymous said...

you're extremely lucky - atleast you've got a job. Something to wake up to every morning.

Pea said...

[Risha] Thanks. Finally the unpacking is all done!

[B] Yes, the Bombay local parallel would be appropriate.

Well .. lets see what the New Year has in store .. this job is all so depressing!

[Me] Thanks

[Shionge] Hoping the new year will bring some new luck.

[Anonymous] Well the thought of waking to gainful employment is the only thing that keeps me going.. because this is just so so far from what I would want to be doing.

Sonal said...

Hey very first comment here and it could not have been more heartfelt! I am going through the same phase with the job thingy right now and I am pretty sure there are more people like us who have to settle for something instead of getting what they want to do...but you know what keeps me going? The faith that no matter how late, I will eventually find something I really want to do. Until then...just hang in there, I guess! And you are is atleast something you can keep yourself going on on! Sending best wishes for the new year your way....especially on the job front! :)