Thursday, December 21, 2006

The mid-vacation update

Its well past mid-vacation and is nearing the end.. but delays to be blamed on lack of Internet connectivity, very hectic travelling and lots of chaos.

This trip has been full of ups and downs. Its nice for all of us to be home at the same time. . its been nearly two years since the last time we were all here. There's also been short trips to visit old friends and after horrible flights getting here ..and my luck continuing through domestic flights.. I wished I could be teleported from one place to another.

Keeping to tradition I have also gained a LOT of weight in the everyday food festival. Regular jeans have been exchanged for loose salwar kameez' which not only help in hiding new found weight but are far more comfortable than the jeans which have taken the form of an anaconda squeezing me to death.

As usual, we once again forgot to carry our camera. So there's only some hazy phone pictures to show. Next time, I am going to make a list.. and camera will be on the top .. sigh .. I make this resolution every time.. maybe some day I'll actually implement it!

So here are some pictures .. from the high points of the vacation thus far...

We were visiting an aunt on one of the two anniversaries. She made my favourite dinner - khow-suey. Before that there was wine and prawn cocktail .. Perfect!

A great evening spent with old friends at Hard Rock Cafe. Usually, I don't visit HRC in cities I visit.. but everyone highly recommended it, so went along. Good music, nice decor. . standard HRC stuff.

The cocktails were very average.. or even below average. Also, they were very very expensive. But they looked nice. Note strawberry milkshake coloured drink - which even tasted like it.

So with that..I start getting sad about the imminent return to London... and not too sad about the end of a horrible year. More later.. when am back .. to better Internet connection.

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(B) said...

oooh! sounds like fun... I miss Bombay and I love khow suey and wine and prawn cocktails;)