Friday, November 10, 2006

Yapitty Yap

I feel like talking to someone .. but can't think of anyone to call .. so I write. Does that take my life to a new height of uncoolness?

Finally its Friday. I am amazed at how I still have the Friday excitement thing going. Well it does have it's high points for me. Its day off from gym. So there's a full evening ahead to be exploited. Also, this week in some crazy enthusiasm we cooked each night. And Indian food at that. This is massive progress .. since normally our dinner consists of salads, soups, pasta or take aways. . anything that can be cooked in 15 minutes. Add to that 10 minutes to clean the kitchen . . to anitseptic clean . . given its just 3 dishes and that's it. Good healthy dinners, minimal time, and a life even after getting home at 9 after the gym.

However, couple of weeks back we discovered the evil Tesco Online. It offers huge variety and drops stuff home (we really behaved like someone was giving stuff away for free, but then after seeing bhindi available some place it was too much temptation. Our local store has only zucchinis, avacados and and loads of stuff I have no idea what to do with and could care even less to find out). So in a moment of giddy enthusiasm we ordered kilos of ingredients (vegetables, meat etc including atta to make fresh chappatis - no idea what we were thinking). Who were we kidding? After a week of avoiding it, things had to be cooked or thrown. Ofcourse it's heartless to throw, so all week we've been making nice fresh home cooked Indian food. Result - No life, since it takes an hour to cook and then another half hour to eat and then clean the mountain of dishes and its nearly time to go to sleep. And the cruellest blow of all - we've both gained weight with all the over-eating. So as of next week .. back to good ol salad, soup routine. Works best for us lazy people.

I was so looking forward to going out tonight and getting drunk .. (trashed would a more appropriate description of what I am aiming for) to the world and worries. However, in true style of our Friday evening conflict, B wants to crash at home over a film since he's had a very bad week. But I stay home a lot really want to see the outside world! I really have got to get a life!

So I suppose it's going to soup for dinner and some random film. Maybe we can figure out how to turn on the heating.. or pay off the bills for the month. Sigh feeling old and grown up. Fun weekend coming up though.. a long walk along the river, photo session being planned with a friend (not of ourselves ofcourse .. but buildings and such) and a concert on Sunday .. so it's not all bad.


Beks said...

I used to have this weekend discord when Ro was working and I was at that he's at home things have worked out much better.

Sunrayz said...

I feel for you Pea. As I work part-time which gets over by mid-week, I am in same position as you are with many Fridays being spent with reading, watching a movie at home etc because Aj has had a really busy week. But, I am hoping things will change for the better...soon!

John said...

Friday is friday no matter what. Spirit of TGIF, even if it's a day off.

Shionge said...

I love TGIF too and hope you have a good weekend.

mumbaiwallah said...

God - that first line sounds so much like Me! Need to talk to someone, but have no one, so I write.


Maybe we should exchange numbers!