Saturday, November 11, 2006

The Wicked Witch of the Gym

I swear that Abs class woman is the devil in disguise!

Recently B and I decided that we must go for some of the classes to add variety to our gym sessions .. and also to do a little more than wish away the flab. Thanks to the set of brilliant genes passes on by my parents, even when I was t-h-i-n I never had one of those enviable washboard tummys. Till now, I had done little else other than curse the genes, so Abs class and the visions of flat tummy called out to me. Armed with enthusiasm and a towel I arrived in the class after my usual cardio work out. I should have anticipated that the super thin enthu-cutlet model types would arrive way before the class starts and set up shop right in front. The first day was more a neck exercise, twisting and turning to see what the instructor was doing. Not that I could keep up anyway. She was just pure evil. Half an hour of non stop torture . . set to super fast music. And incase you wanted to slack ..she would not just point you out.. but do that into her microphone, just incase someone at some far corner of the gym had missed out that you were trying to slack between crunches. Needless to say, the day after our first session it hurt even to laugh.

The proportion of satisfaction is directly correlated to the pain .. and we are in self indulgent belief that if it hurts so much, it must be good. And that has taken us back .. for the last two weeks .. no results to show so far.. but hope.. and the wicked witch ensure that twice a week I think before I laugh. So off we go now for another half hour of self inflicted torture.


Grafxgurl said...

blogging about gym never fails to entertain....when i was in Chennai id blog about it coz the characters that i came across were so incredibly funny i couldnt stop laughing!

at least youre GOING to the gym!!....i have the cutouts of a good washboard infamously my husband says he will try to think up of more interesting excercises to get me to that state!!!!!

John said...

Gym, more or less, translates to the aftermath of a serious workout. The pain of tightened muscles and the pain.. but well it's all for a better cause.

Nee said...

Ah, Pea, you're a better woman than me. With my sweet tooth, and my inherent laziness, I comfort myself thinking that there's just more of me to love!

Pea said...

[Grafxgurl] Indeed .. why is the gym always so full of characters!

[John] Ah ..the hope of the cause keeps me going and giving them so much money each month. Otherwise, I hate gym just waaay too lazy.

[Nee] Not a better woman .. but surely sure a fatter one. The last ten years of reckless eating/ drinking and no exercising has made a LOT more of me to love. Now its like now or never.. so have to get all this extra weight (a LOT of it!) off by 30.