Thursday, November 09, 2006

Happy Birthday T

Through many years and ups and downs .. I've always counted on TR. T and I met when both of us happened to be at a common friend's place one weekend many years ago. He was the shy guy who watched sat in a corner drinking beer, glued to the sports channel and answered in monosyllables.

Initially we'd meet up every weekend.. only because we had this common friend whose house we'd be hanging out in all the time. The monosyllables grew into phrases and then slightly longer conversations. At some point this common friend was no longer around but T and I kept in touch. It was also when I was going through a terrible phase with things and needed someone to talk sense into me and a shoulder to cry on. I never realized that T and I started hanging out every weekend because he was being there for me (self glorification, I thought I was charming company!). Over time he became one of my closest friends. He's also one of the most sensible people I know .. and helped me think of my career change, work on my apps etc. T has this philosophy that friendship is very transient based on people around us and once we move away it'll fade away (something I have spent many hours arguing against). Well .. hope I have also proven it wrong. We've been in different cities for a while now .. but still very much in touch. Today is T's birthday. I called at midnight his time and as with our old birthday tradition .. everyone was at a bar/club bringing it in. I soo wished I could have been there too. Next year all of us turn 30. I know it's not a big deal .. but feels landmark, this is the last of the twenties.

T is also very pro arranged marriage (again another major point of disagreement between us) and by his next birthday in all likelihood he'll be married. I really hope the person marries him for who he is and not his 'degrees'. Nor that she rolls her eyes at people drinking and the likes. Another friend had gotten married and promptly became a 'oh-my-wife-doesn't-like-drinking-lets-go-to-watch-latest- bollywood- flick-instead' guy. Fingers crossed at T getting cool wife.. and hope he doesn't become this stranger who no longer keeps in touch. Buts that's for time to tell. Whatever happens .. I wish the best for him.

Happy Birthday .. to a great guy .. a good friend.


Wanna Be Dictator said...

hey this is Beks but I'm using Ro's laptop and can't remember my passwords, anyway I hear you on the hope he marries someone nice, because all my guy friends are married now and I had a weird time adjusting to the whole but my wife says thingy...

Me said...

I have been warned about this but thankfully have not had any guy friends get married yet.
Though have had wild cousins n friends who got married and promptly become, 'oh- I really have grown up past drinking and partying', which is ok by me but hello what's with the condescension???

Shionge said...

Happy Birthday to you T! Have a great time and knowing that you have a great pal like Pea cherishing the friendship.

Friendship is only transient if we 'let it go'....true friendships never fade away trust me - just don't let it go T.

Happy days ahead Pea :D

Nee said...

Happy Birthday to T! May he get a wife that meets with Pea's approval ;-)

Pea said...

[Wanna Be Dictator] Well so far it was just this one guy. He's also the only one who had an arranged marriage .. thereby none of us knew his wife from earlier. Wish we could have made her feel more comfortable with us.

[Me] Totally with you on the condescension. Quite sad. Unless everyone goes through the same phase together.. then you kinda still stay close.

[Shionge] Thanks. T won't be reading this, since no one knows about the blog. But its the thought that counts.

[Nee] Hmm .. now that makes me sound super controlling about my others lives!