Monday, November 13, 2006

Through my lens - Putney to Richmond

Saturday, after lunch B and I set out to walk from Putney to Richmond. It was a stretch on the Thames Path and given it was along the river, obviously one could not get lost. I also had a clear destination in mind - White Cross, the pub by the river in Richmond. Brilliant as we are, we forgot to take into account that it gets dark by 4:30 and not really such a smart idea to start the walk at 3:00. Neither had we looked up whether the path is likely to be flooded, as it does so during high tide. Thankfully, we were lucky on that count. The route was very scenic. Though by mid way point it became totally dark. So we only saw shadowy outlines of Kew Gardens and the Old Deer Park. We also wondered whether the place was safe or would we become a crime statistic. We even worked out a strategy incase of an attack - we give everything and ask to keep our Oyster Card since we didn't really want to have to walk home from Richmond. Thankfully we didn't have to put any such ideas to test and got to White Cross, had a drink and then got back safely .. after walking the entire 15.7 km ..and feeling quite kicked at having being able to complete it!

Here are some pictures -

Starting out. A church near Putney Bridge station.

Thames, near Putney

A park along the way. Loved the colours.

The Thames Path. Most of route is like this. It was very peaceful and pretty. It seemed to be in the flightpath since Heathrow is pretty close. The peace and quiet would be broken ever so often by a plane going overhead.

Pretty boats in the river. There were also lots of people rowing.

One of the last few pictures. It got dark pretty soon, so the camera had to be put away.

There were many pubs along the way. Looked most tempting. This one looked particularly pretty.

Warning signs. Seemed funny, but don't think I'd be the one laughing if it was my car that was submerged.


Grafxgurl said...

so quaint and old worldy!!

makes you wanna suddenly hug yourself with happiness!

mumbaiwallah said...


Walking in England is one of life's few remaining pleasures :)

Nee said...

No small feat, Pea. I second Mumbaiwallah - walking in England really is one of life's pleasures!

Shionge said...

So beautiful Pea.....reminded me of my trips in England too :D

Pea said...

[Grafxgurl] The country side is even more quaint.. and so out of a story book.

[mumbaiwallah] Both, the scenery and the weather, make walking a pleasure here.

[Nee] It is. And they have lots of nice well marked routes and maps.. makes it so much easier.

[Shionge] Singapore is lovely too .. just too hot!

Beks said...

v. nice pictures!