Tuesday, November 14, 2006


That's how I am feeling right now. Finally the season change has caught up with me. Sore throat, runny nose and general sleepiness. Want to go under the duvet - forever!

This week I had got lilies for my room. They took forever to bloom. But finally one of the buds opened today .. it's looking nice and bright. Adding some cheer to the otherwise sick feeling.

Even now, when I'm sick, I miss my mother. Am very '5 year old' about it. Partly because she has a cure for everything. . and because she makes yummy soup when I have a sore throat.. which I invariably do a few times every year. No mommy here at the moment .. just hope M&S has some good soup.


shakester said...

ohhh..kay...ill here too, like that. got a killer cold since sunday. I am dazed, have a clogged nose, worked hard all day, and am sill up at the comp at 1.40am
Hmmm...i didn't say I am normal.

get well!

Nee said...

oh - hope you feel better soon!

Grafxgurl said...

go on the Net!! theres TONS of easy to make soups on there!!! thats my one consolation of being away from my mom.

tried a Black Currant pie last night.. was AWESOME!!!

Does your hubby make some comfort food for you? have him make it?...its very easy!
hope you feel better soon!

Beks said...

Get well soon - chicken noodle soup, one of the few soups I like.

C said...

ooh, get well soon!

we just bought lillies a few days back. they are so gorgeous. made the apartment brighter.

Anonymous said...

I just finished my bout of cold last week.The 'blah' feeling' sucks big time...
Have some hot south indian rasam type of thingie ( it you have MTR rasam powder , just add extra tomatoes and it gets done in 5 mins)- always makes me feel better.

mumbaiwallah said...

me too.

Have taken two days off work this week.

Am still at home today, feeling drained and wiped out.

Get well soon!

Pea said...

[shakester] Go to sleep!

[Nee] Should be better in a few days .. esp now that I've got myself a little present - antibiotics.

[Grafxgurl] Had some good soup last night. Black current pie - yum yum. B promises to make khichdi tonight. Good thing, he just bought the soup .. sometimes he's too experimental in cooking..and right now I don't have the patience for it.

[Beks] Mmmmm .. noodle soup. I also love tomato soup.

[C] I like lilies too. They also last really long.

[Sunrayz] Hope you're fine now. So do you get to write your own prescriptions? Must be nice not to wait in those endless NHS queues.

Don't have rasam powder. Will sambhar powder do?

[mumbaiwallah] Hope you get well soon.