Thursday, November 23, 2006

Back to square one

The whole pain of waking up was magically solved when the clock turned back. I was so happy to be once again waking up in daylight (though the early evening was a little disconcerting). And now, once again, it’s back to square one. Struggling to get up in the dark. Now the evenings are even earlier and I suppose till 22nd Dec it just keeps getting worse. And though sleep cycles and all are supposed to be by the clock ..I am totally disoriented and start feeling sleepy after a few hours of darkness .. which no longer makes sense. Must be my ‘Pea’ brain. Very irritating.

But then, as a friend says, ‘If you don’t go through the winter, how will you appreciate summer’.


Sunrayz said...

Can totally realate to that. After two years here now, I feel I am handling the lack of saylight much better.

John said...

Why only until 22nd Dec??

Pea said...

[Sunrayz] I don't think I'll ever get used to it.. though will hopefully be more tuned to going by the clock rather than daylight.

[John] Your geography teacher from school won't be too happy! Its Winter Solstice .. the shortest day.