Friday, September 01, 2006

No new mails.
Thats the end of yet another week .. and the hopelessness just grows. I never throught I was so unemployable. But I look up from the keyboard ....

.... and smile. I love fresh flowers and even when am down .. it can cheer me up!


Grafxgurl said...

im sitting and PAINTING flowers on wooden jewellery boxes for a charity fund raiser....groaaaaannn.

do you keep fish? i have one sweet little female Guppy i call Raven...when i feel down i sit and stare into her bowl..its so comforting to watch.grafxgurl

Pea said...

[Grafxgurl] No I don't have fish. .. just two plants who I call my babies. .. and talk to them. Apparently even as a child I used to talk to the plants around the house much to my mums amusement.

Really wish I could paint. .have a LOT of admiration for people with artistic talents.