Sunday, September 03, 2006

Fitting in

The last eight years I have craved for winter. After college I've only been in places where the seasons are hot, hotter, hottest (with a few days of minor exception . . but that can't really count as winter). I've missed the smart warm clothes, fresh cold air hitting my nose, snuggling under my comforter with a book when it's too cold to face the world. With the move to London, I've been very excited about finally seeing a proper winter. I have however, been assured by many that I'll get over my romantic notions by mid December and will then s-u-f-f-e-r the short days and perpetual drizzle. Till then!

Finally the awful heat is gone (and no point telling me I'm from India so I should not crib .. because in India and other places I've been in, there are technological advances like ceiling fans and air conditioners to deal with the heat and not one measly standing fan masquerading as a p-r-o-p-e-r fan).
Now, it's finally a little colder and time to take out a light jacket. Am not sure if its a correct observation, but one thing I feel differentiates the 'tourists' from the 'locals' here is their jackets. At the moment, am sure we fall into the tourist category. Whenever we go out, our friends have these nice lightweight jackets - usually black on week days and beige on weekends (very very predictable) and Bee and I have these over sized jackets, usually too warm for the current weather and in dark green, white and other vibrant unseen colours. Not only do our jackets look 'touristy', I also keep clicking photographs on our over sized camera - definite tourist giveaway. .. not that am trying to look local .. but still.

So this weekend we went jacket shopping. As I gather ..we need two light ones for now (weekday and weekend) ... and once its colder need another two (again weekday and weekend!). Yesterday, after a nice long walk and a brunch at Honest Sausage, we went jacket shopping. Many diversions into music shops and books shops later, we are now the proud possessors of a new 'London' jackets - black, light weight... and I must add - smart.

PS. On a totally different note, I tend to discover good music and movies much much after everyone else. Yesterdays find, David Gray - White Ladder. Very nice music (I have a strange way of appreciating music - rhythm and music - not the lyrics.. therefore I often like music irrespective of language .. not sure if others do that too)


Grafxgurl said...

i loved winter in Canada....not only could i hide inside the folds of my very smart trenchcoat and black suede coat.. but also it makes a good last minute throw on if you dont want to spend too much time on picking out a nice top just to go out for a few hours.

i cant live without music ....its part of what i do and if its shut off.. my creative juices stop too...i have a constant supply of it.. so if you want some names of music to hunt down gimme a shout! what kinds do you like?

oh and i love cold more than hot... at least for a girl the cold you can pigrafxgurlle on layers butin the heat you cant just rip off your shirt and cool off can you!!!! Grr.

Grafxgurl said...

err.. dont know how i typed "pigrafxgurlle" but i meant PILE

lol... my typoism will be the death of me!!

Pea said...

[Grafxgurl] I sooo much prefer cold weather to heat.. but shall reserve final verdict till after winter.

I'll update my profile to add music I like. In general its rock, alternative rock (as I gather from description of some groups I like) mostly from the '70s and '80s .. if I generalize.

Me said...

Wow.. same pinch. I get asked the same question too.. 'are you sure you are from India'

10 degrees is like my perfect weather. Cold and pleasant :) I love it!!

Pea said...

[Me ]The cold is so much better, isn't it. So where are you from ..can't make out since your profile is hidden