Monday, September 04, 2006

A day like today

I like nice surprises .. (who doesn't?) .. and impulse plans. This morning Bee called from office to say that there was an offer at work to buy two tickets at a highly discounted rate to a particular musical tonight ... and he had got a couple of tickets for us. I'm quite excited about going out this evening .. and also happy to see Bee slowly being ok with a impulse plan which implies not being able to the gym this evening followed by studying for an exam (he's not t-h-a-t boring but highly methodical and planned which is a huge clash with me who is very disorganized and impulsive .. btw I like to believe that I have proved that we get work done in the same amount of time)!

This job search issue had got me really low. The weekend was full of pep talks from Bee and another friend. It actually got me raring to go by Monday morning! I have a general inertia problem - with some things. This job search bit is also bringing out the worst in me. When things go well I am pepped and ready to conquer the world. At a time like this when I need to show perseverance I've slowly been losing confidence and getting into a shell. Am the metaphorical ostrich hiding under sand and hoping the problem will just solve itself. (How I wish to be five again when this really did work ... I also truly believed that my parents could solve all the problems in the world .. of course at five, it helps that your biggest problem is homework being incomplete or someone calling you names.) Anyways, so here I was.. cribbing .. and as time went by losing my drive till I was doing very little real work on job-hunt. Its scary how I could lose all my confidence and irrationally hope that the problem would magically go away. Over the weekend, I finally owned up to the problem that I was 'in-hiding'. I have now been shaken out of my stupor and given the boost I needed.

Since this morning -
  • I have spoken to two people about potential leads
  • I got a yet another reject letter, but after the initial disappointment, kept going.
  • I have written to a few alumni who might be able to help .. need to do much more of this
  • I am looking for possibilities of unpaid / part-time internships to get some local experience - thanks for the idea Sunrayz
Not a bad beginning. . hope for more days like today .. when I feel positive, confident ... keep going and look forward to soon being back at work (so that I can then start cribbing about work life .. its a vicious cycle!).


Grafxgurl said...

chin up! you WILL get a great job abd then you;ll look back at these days when you worried about it. always happens that way.

Me said...

It sure is a vicious cycle.. guess it's just a matter of time before the cribbing at work starts.. ;) Heck, that's my cycle.

Pea said...

[Grafxgurl] Am kinda hoping for the same too .. that is looking back at this time and laughing at myself. At the moment though ..its insufferable.

[Me ]At the moment your part of the cycle seems much .. much .. nicer! Actually, I always feel the best part is between getting a job and joining it.