Sunday, August 06, 2006

Places to eat - Imli, London

Imli Restaurant, 167-168 Wardour Street, London W1F 8WR

I like eating out and so shall put in posts now and again about places I have been to and how I liked them. Here's the first - Imli, London

I had read a lot of mixed reviews about the place and couldn't decide if I wanted to go. However, I liked the idea of Indian tapas food, so three of us went there for lunch on Saturday.

The place was easy to find, moderately big and had a modern decor. It was fairly empty the day we visited and we got a nice place by the window. I felt the menu was limited given the idea of tapas and variety of Indian food. The menu is available on the website, so you could check it before visiting. The set menu was not too interesting so we ate à la carte. They suggested we order 3-4 dishes per person and we went with that. We started with a mix of chaats, alu tikki and bhel puri. There was a section which was a smaller version of Indian mains and served with rice / paratha, so we got a couple of dishes from that, the southern lamb curry was quite good. We also got a bottle of an Argentinean wine with our meal.

I liked the food but didn't think it was exceptional. The choice of wine is limited. I felt they could experiment with a selection of cocktails which might go with Indian food. Overall, it was nice but don't think I'll go back.

Average spend per person: £20

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