Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Of Moving Day and more

Last weekend it was finally here - moving day. It was as chaotic as expected. Our 51 cartons which had come by sea had got delivered, unpacked and kept on 'flat surfaces' - which pretty much translated into every square inch of floor since there aren't that many flat surfaces! To add to that we had to transport all our things from the serviced apartment and since we hadn't packed till the last minute, there was no choice but to stuff everything into plastic packets and load them into the cab. The driver looked horrified, cribbed but dropped us to our destination.

Its been four days but its a slow process of figuring out where all the stuff should go. Initially had thought it would be easy since our previous house was much smaller. But now realize that smaller can be smarter and in effect we had more storage space in a house that was half the area. Have managed to get the bedroom and kitchen in order, the living room shall be tackled next weekend. Its all so tiring .. and am too scared to buy anything after the horrific number of boxes we had on this move. But slowly it shall be arranged and after a month will forget the pains and start buying junk again. Just hope that we don't need to move for a while.

The rest of the weekend was nice. Had a friend over. House guests and shifting don't go too well .. but he was really helpful and it was great having him over. Couldn't show him around much but went on a lovely walk around the city. There was an carousel for adults on the near London eye. Have always drooled over the colourful carousels in the past and as soon as I saw one for adults, I dragged everyone to go on a ride. It was as wonderful as I imagined it to be and I loved every minute of it! For the rest of the day ..just walked and walked and walked the end I gathered I had walked around 12 km !!

Took lots of pictures on my new phone. Shall post them once I get Internet working at home... whenever that happens. This whole settling down is such a slow process. ..but hopefully once the painful part is over and the job is got .. life will be beautiful again!


Chakra Sampath said...

Pea: Reached here following your comment left at 30in2005's blog.

Looks like you have moved to London recently.. the below link might be of some use to you. Do have a look.

Sunrayz said...

Hi Pea :) Thanks for dropping by 'my place'. I know I don't you at all but do let me know if you need any info of stuff to do/buy etc in London. My email is on the profile page of blogger. Don't hesitate to contact me!
It is a lovely city...

Pea said...

[Chakra Sampath] Thanks the link was helpful. Wish I had come across it earlier.

[Sunrayz] Thanks for the offer to help. You seem to be doing a lot of interesting things around the city, so will definitely come to you for advice.