Thursday, August 24, 2006

Curiosity killed the cat

For someone who has recently started blogging I should have been focussing on mastering what is available. .. but no, why must I be normal. I had been seeing a lot of press / discussion about the new blogger and every time I logged on there was a little button which gave me the option of upgrading in two clicks. Initially I ignored it.. but then curiosity got the better of me ..and wham ..I am now irreversibly 'upgraded'. Not very helpful since the layouts have changed..and its really bugging that it keeps wanting to log on with my regular gmail account! So now have to figure this version out.. and I better be able to use some new features to justify this added confusion.

On a totally different topic.. I had the interview today. It lasted half the day ..and went well (so I think!) but the job is fairly junior so I am not too interested. I am hoping this has established a relationship to look at further opportunities which may be more feasible. Lets see how it goes. At any rate I have a very numb feeling at the moment. Since I was a child, I have this vacant feeling after any major interview or exam. It was really strong after the class X board exams (a time I had actually studied) where I nearly cried because I had nothing to do after they were over. Its a different issue that I totally partied after that .. maybe a bit too long which extended onto the next two years!

Coincidentally two very close friends called today .. which perked up my day. .. but for the rest ..the house is still in a mess (I always wreck it when I am getting ready for an interview and fling things all over) and I have just been surfing random stuff to kill time (I love the Internet). Will have to go out in a bit to show our house guest Piccadilly Circus.. not sure she'll be too excited since she's from New York and I hear they have bill boards which are bigger, better and more in number.

Am looking forward to the weekend. I love long weekends (even though am not working so it technically should not matter- but still). Bee and I are planning to take time off from all the job hunt / new place /work tension and just relax. Planning to check out the Notting Hill Carnival which looks very interesting. ..and just watch some totally random movies.

Tuesday will be an all new week ..and bring with it new hope.


Grafxgurl said...

i dont like Beta Blogger too much. i like it how it is with my usual one.. you CAN change over you know.. just start a new blog in the old version andtransfer all your stuff to it...thats why ididnt change mine.. hehe. im too fiddly with my template!!

yeah you CAN get them sauces in London... ihave a really close friend there and she cooks up a storm! must ask her..

Pea said...

I am sure there are places I can get all the ingrdients .. just need to settle down and discover them.