Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Somewhere over the rainbow ...

A weekend with a school friend visiting = Late nights gossip sessions + nice memories + diet being forgotten + high pitched excited shrieking + a lot of fun

A close friend from school called last week to say she would be in London. She came over last weekend and had a really busy schedule .. but we managed to catch lunch one day and sat up chatting late every night. It was very hectic and I am now very very sleepy from all those late nights but I enjoyed every moment of it. Close friends from school always magically remain close. We were a group of five friends and no matter how long we're out of touch or have moved on with our lives, when we meet its like we never left. I still feel as close to them and know they'll always be there.

Each one of them has done really well and can be quite intimidating when met professionally (so I have heard from people who have met them in that capacity) but once we're together we're no better than a bunch of screaming, gossiping teenagers chatting late into the night. I suppose when you've been through all the 'growing up stuff' together and seen each other in the worst dressed, gawky teenager with braces phase there's little you need to maintain as an 'image'. I love the bond we share.. and hope it always remains like this... and given what we've all been through.. I am pretty sure it will.

PS The title is from the song Somewhere over the rainbow from Wizard of Oz. I always associate it with the happy memories of school, friends..and 'singing class'.


Ekta said...

this is a beautiful post and its soo true that the friends made in school are somehow the best u ever make!
And its indeed becoz of all the growing up that u do together and no matter where u leave the trail its always easy to pick it up right from thereon!
Heres wishing many more such late night gossip sessions!:-)

Grafx said...

friends are so important to have and to keep....i like how you write...its from your heart...and you arent trying to...."post" for post's sake... you know...:D

Can i add you to my Caffeine for the Day?

Pea said...

[Ekta] With my school friends we keep planning reunions .. but its so difficult with everyone in a different country. We did manage one though.. and it was soo much fun!

[Grafx]Awww.. .would love to be on your 'Caffeine for the Day' .. infact was trying to figure out how to make my list of the blogs I read everyday over coffee:)