Saturday, August 26, 2006

One interesting hobby please

I just found out that my cv does not reflect the kind of person I am. My hobbies and personal interests section needs to be pepped up. So the past three days I have been racking my brain for two lines which will make the reader think of me as an interesting high achiever. And so far I have n-o-t-h-i-n-g.

While working and later studying ..after 12-14 hour days .. I barely could get dinner ready on weekdays. I just about managed chatting with flatmates / family, reading a bit and crashing. Weekends would be some more work, meeting friends, unwinding and then it would be Monday again. Maybe if I was the driven type I could have actually learnt something but then I enjoyed the relaxing, reading, meeting friends! And now I suffer for it .. no hobbies to write about.

I checked out what others in my class had written ... and now I have a complex! There are ballet dancers who have given professional shows, people who like learning languages (and know 7 languages to show that!), someone had run in five marathons, cello players, national swimming champions - where do they get the time ??

Its not like I don't have any interests ..

I love reading. Fiction. Everyone writes that (along with music - also another genuine interest) ..and therefore does not make you special. Ok how about writing by Indian writers - thats too narrow!

Then there's travelling. Again ..very often mentioned and unless you've been to some totally off beat places (even better if there are no loos there) then not worth mentioning. Nothing great about going to Bali or Italy.

Hmm .. so how about cooking? I do enjoy that .. and actually love cooking for friends. The other person who I saw had mentioned cooking.. had also written a cook book. You don't even have original recipes! Also, its a very individualistic thing.. does not show team spirit! (Its a hobby for god sakes!)

Then.. photography? I love taking photographs .. of people and places. You'll have to know about apertures, shutter speeds and blah blah blah ..and not be taking pictures in the automatic mode on an SLR and thinking of it as your great work.

So now I have run out of things which are really of interest to me and can be of good 'cv value' (some other time will talk of my opinion of the whole concept of cv value and cv bullet points - for now have an important mission!). Bee very sarcastically commented that its too bad that watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S and partying can't be included. Was ready to whack him especially since he genuinely has hobbies which make good cv bullet points and fulfill the criteria of being different, interesting, showing team spirit, dedication, perseverence and all.

So now I need to find a personal interest .. which may or may not be of any interest to me ..but will make future employers see me as the shining star they must employ. Problem is I need it fast! I wonder if this is a generic thing .. or as my sister would sarcastically say ..'the problem with you MBA types'.


Sunrayz said...

Sometimes a forced break from work makes you think about what else do you do apart from working. I realised to my horror( last year at this time) that I needed to do something about my interests! I started very much like you, thinking what can I put in my CV :) But after awhile I REALLY started liking my interets- didn't know there was so much more to it. Will send you two websites by email which offers a RANGE of short courses/things to do in C.London. Most of them are evening or weekend classes. Hopefully you will find something. Can you put up pictures of the carnival if you go. I am off to a museum to see a exhibit I have been wanting to see for the longest time.

Grafxgurl said...

um...a philanthropist?

a....versatile people person?

a..conversationalist par excellence?!

oh yeah and you can always spout out how incredibly eager you are to help out in AIDS ridden countries and poor countries in Africa and Asian.

and that you want to get involved in Peace Advocacy and CHild ADvocacy.


sinusoidally said...

Your comment on my blog brought me here. I don't think my CV even has a section on personal interest/hobbies. I think it is all about playing it off well versus having something like olympic gold medalist on there! I think last year on residency interview when I was asked about my interests I said something to the extent of enjoy watching reality shows'. Interviewer burst out lauging after which we proceeded to discuss which reality shows we enjoyed in common. :-)

G'luvk with the CV and everything. Been there last year and it was painful.

Pea said...

[Sunrayz] Thanks for the links .. has some interesting leads :) Here's the post on the carnival - with pictures. How was your museum visit?

[Grafxgurl] :)

[sinusoidally] Watching reality shows - interesting!

Grafxgurl said...

thou art in my caffeinator list now.

Risha said...

wow..hey pea...can u send me those links too pls.
I think I fall in the same category as u, though i do like and wish to take up flying courses but that would be after some months as its expensive.

Anonymous said...

Hobbies section in a CV is not important, and most CV nowadays doesn't have a hobby section.
Anyway Blogging is a good hobby to include, am thinking of including this.