Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Inertia and the demotion

30in2005 has jolted me out of inertia with the threat to send me to the 'RIP' category ... though at this point I checked and realised that I have already been demoted to the 'Once in a while' slot ... well ... despite my good intentions it has turned out pretty much that way .. it hasn't even averaged a measly twice a month! Now lets see if I can claw my way back to being on the regulars list.

Usually, while I am on the tube I keep thinking about all these things I 'must' write about ... and then it's forgotten. These days I am pre-occupied with one thought (though action on it is very slow!) - I am pained with my job. I have a new manager ... less the better on that topic the better ... and am looking to change roles but it's not working out. So whenever I have logged on to actually write .. it's been more crib-crib-crib ... and then I just delete the post ... though writing it out does feel quite therapeutic!  So it all feels grey .. (unlike the weather for a change!) and I didn't want to spread the gloom.

Justifications done ... inertia broken ... and now I am back (I shall not check at this point, how many times I have said this in this year!).


30in2005 said...

4 times before the end of June and you will be back to the regulars!

The blog is therapy - moan as much as you like my dear. Someone somewhere in teh blog world will have an answer or joke or anecdote or pearl of wisdom or dose of reality to pass on!

J said...

:D Wooowwiiee.. let's hope this rebirth won't die out soon