Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Realities of a work trip

Who was I kidding when I thought I might actually get time to pack in some sight seeing with a work trip. All I got to see was the sea from my hotel room ..and the rest of the city from the cab window as I whizzed from one end to the other to attend some meetings.

All the days I was there I was sleep deprived, waking up really early, sleeping late and hooking up to the Internet to log-in to my work network. And to think I actually had a Lonely Planet in my bag, SLR camera, charged battery .. well I did take some photos of the hotel room and the view .. just because I had carried the camera all way, I somehow felt it was my duty to use it!

All that I missed in terms of 'fun' was made up by the work aspect of the trip. There were people from other parts of the business and some fairly senior. Through the various meetings I got to learn a lot about how things work, all the tiny aspects of a large projects and so on. It doesn't make up for not managing to get out even for an evening .. but then I can always go back on a personal trip.

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