Wednesday, September 26, 2007

On the flight

I am on my first work related trip. All very sudden and as usual a huge amount of running around given that I was the only one who had to get a visa done .. in two days where the normal process takes 3-4 weeks!

Packing was done in half hour (just bad planning) and barely any time to get excited. In fact I can barely believe that I am on my way. And this time, my flight luck has reached rock bottom .. or close to it.

I am on a window seat and there is a lady on the window seat across the aisle and is so loud that she is giving me a headache. She has been talking non-stop (including the one hour we were sitting on the run way thanks to the flight taking off late) and has covered every topic from where she likes to party to places she is going to visit to source clothes. She seems to work as a buyer for some chain/clothing company and I now even know of the little buttons they were going to get along the calf of some new design. I wish I had some mute / volume control button for her.

So I decided to listen to music while working. But I have tried two headsets and neither are working. I am giving up on that before I attract any more attention of people around me .. ofcourse with Ms Super Loud across the aisle, I may not have to worry about that.

Given up on work, movie, music .. I could catch up on sleep. And as I drifted off to sleep .. some child shrieked the plane down and that was the end of sleep. Why do parents not give that 1 tsp of phenargan or whatever ıt ıs called
which could buy peace for an entire aircraft... and themselves.

Now the food comes along. Ofcourse the person in front me has chosen this very moment to push his seat back .. slam into my laptop and have his headset on so he can’t even hear me!

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Sonal said...

hehehe...I was one of those kids who needed to be on phenargan every now and then....:)...and I used to actually like the taste and ask for it, until my parents refused to give me some 'coz I was too old for it....:)

I know what its like to be the only one needing a visa everywhere....even at my workplace...most people dont need all the prep that I do with visa and stuff. Anyway, what happened after the food? :)