Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Where did May go?

  • Is it June already? Where did May go?
  • With so many guests all through the last two months.. its been a lot of fun ..and also very very hectic. April and May are just a haze!
  • For once, it feels good to be home alone. In the last couple of months, our London friends haven't been met, bills have been left till the last minute, the house cleaned to minimal standards (and now a huge mess!) and in all.. fairly chaotic.
  • Now that I am fairly settled at work, that too has been getting hectic.
  • It was also a month of two bank holidays and trips outside London.
  • They should shift one the bank holidays to the next month. That way the breaks get nicely spread out. It is depressing to think that the next long weekend is in August.
  • Since March the only film I have watched is Taxi ..that too on a DVD. I am craving for the big screen. Taxi, btw, is a 'must watch'.. it kept us in splits for the entire 86 minutes. Now waiting to watch Taxi 2, though heard that's not as funny.
  • Read a lovely book - Half of a Yellow Sun. Its written in an interesting style, but what kept me totally hooked was reading about Biafra. I had never read about Biafra earlier and nor about life in a war torn zone. It was all very eye-opening (for lack of a better word).. and a highly recommended book.
  • We also watched Billy Elliot. It was a fairly last minute plan since a friend visiting London wanted to go for it. Given its popularity we got very average seats. I would interested in the opinions of someone who has watched it. Given the hype about awards and comparisons with Wicked, we had very high expectations which sadly it did not live up to. It was very good in parts.. but overall did not have either the music or singing which you would like to hear over and over again. It some interesting sets and a few good dances .. but overall was a little disappointing.
  • Amongst the low points of the month, we had some very avoidable histrionics amongst a group of friends staying with us. I thought we had left these things back in school and was absolutely hopeless at dealing with it. It ended in totally ruining one persons holiday and was a big dampener for the rest. An absolutely miserable end to the month.
  • So that was May in bullet points. I could not think of any other way to join together so many random thoughts.
  • Hope all of you had a good month too.


30in2005 said...

YAY! You are back! have a good month yourself Pea!

Grafxgurl said...

life has been hectic here too.. what with getting used to being married and all.
one thing has evolved immensely though..
that i love my husband even more now.

Southways said...

Finally you are back!!!! Good to see you are having a good time

Pea said...

30in2005:Its time for rest and recovery!

Grafxgurl: Its interesting reading about you new life ..and the new place. You seem to be settling down nicely.

Southways: Good ..but hectic!