Thursday, March 15, 2007

Rediscovering evening

In two weeks, the new job has made me aware of how scarce time has become. Weekdays with the 6am - 9pm routine is becoming crazy. While the train journey has been nice in terms of looking at the nice country-side and catching up on reading, it has stretched each day to the limit.

Today started with just everything going wrong. The fuse tripped and the entire house was in darkness. B got late trying to fix it (its in the loft above a room accessible only with a ladder which is kept in the store room downstairs!) while I tried to help and rush around not to miss my train. Warm sunny weather gave way to horrible foggy cold as soon as we left London..and I froze the entire day. To make matters worse I started feeling quite ill in the afternoon. By 4pm I was fed up and ready to come home. I reasoned that I would carry my laptop and work on the train and at home to make up for leaving office early. Well, I did work on the train but lost the enthu as soon as I got home. Partly because as soon I stepped in I was magically feeling better (its amazing how being home has these super healing powers!) and after ages I have been able to catch up on everyone's blogs, write a post, treat myself to a cup of coffee. . and it's only 7! The thought of helping B by doing the washing up (dishes are his responsibility) has crossed my mind.. but when the warm duvet and good book beckons, love will just have to wait for another day.


Akkare said...

SO good to hear about your struggles with working life - knowing that you are in a job you like :-)

Grafxgurl said...

ohhhhh!! how nice!! someone who will understand what IM going through!! as do i you!!

6 am to 9 pm is our time frame as

well...i just hope you find some time.

thats all we can hope for !!!

Beks said...

The wonderful healing power of home amd a good book I totally understand!

Risha said...

Home sweet home
:) nice to hear about you 6 to 9 routine , seems like all are lives are around these nos 6 and 9.

well the days are getting longer so i guess its the right season...imagine wht you would have done if this had started in winter.

Me said...

:) aaah home and a book - heaven!

Pea said...

[Akkare] Fingers crossed

[Grafxgurl] Barely :( We live for weekends.

[Beks] It really was such a wonderful evening. Am reading a really interesting book too ..will write about it

[Risha] I heard from people that there are days they actually don't see daylight! Being in a large glass office.. hopefully that won't happen.

[Me] It really is :)