Friday, March 09, 2007

End of week one

The one predominant feeling - Am so so tired!

A week of of four and a half of commuting has been much more tiring than I expected. Finally its weekend. I don't have to wake up in darkness, leave when its barely morning and the most important thing of my life is getting the 7:13 train (..deja vu feeling of Bombay locals.) Its been so tiring and weekend couldn't have come sooner. B is out tonight for a stag dinner with some friends .. and I am enjoying a glass of Riesling, U2 playing the background and writing. And by the time I complete this post, my take-away Indian food should have arrived and I will be watching the long overdue Amelie.

Work and getting used to a new place has been a mixed experience. It is very different from my earlier work place or any other before it. The place is massive and thousands of people work in the office.. its like a self sufficient island in the middle of nowhere - literally! Also, unlike my earlier job where in two months I became great friends with the girl sitting across my board (those dividers in open plan offices) who was my age and we gossiped about everything and am now going to her wedding.. the person across the board here is a someone atleast 10 years older than me, 6 feet tall and talks of school admission (not exactly a topic I have much to contribute on ..except this article I read recently which shocked me about the whole primary school admission mania!). He is very representative of the typical profile, 6 feet tall men in black suits .. even with heels I feel tiny.. I now understand why all the women wear those totteringly high heels. (There's supposed to be something about height and confidence .. should have paid more attention in organization Behaviour class.) Which brings me to dressing .. everyone is so well dressed. My two year collection of ragged jeans and other college clothes need to be replaced asap. I am still trying to get a hang on all that fall into the category of formal women's wear. . totally beats me.

The biggest upside is that I am sure I didn't make a mistake accepting this job. There's lot I can learn about the industry and hopefully in the future move onto more interesting functions. Not a bad start.


Me said...

Working really is a whole new wardrobe switch isn't it?
You even have to change your accessories/
Pea, I am so happy for you though. Because there is nothing like feeling truly exhausted because of a job your whole heart is enthusiastic about.

Sonal said...

Hey Pea, now you can have a whole lot of fun shopping for new clothes, and accessories and even some make-up! Am glad that although exhausting you still like the job! Hope it remains that way. Rest well!

Risha said...

yeah accessories shopping!!!
I am so happy to know that you happy with the new job, gives me a ray of hope too, i hate my current job.
Happy shopping to you!!

30in2005 said...

Tired but happy hunh? Sounds good good good.

As for wardrobes - the main reason I can't be bothered with the cirporate sector is that I don't think I can face the formal wardrobe and stilletos! All good luck to you mahdear!

MW said...

Hi Pea,

I'm doing a quick survey on public libraries in India. Please read my post and leave a comment. Thanks!


Pea said...

[Me] True about the tiredness..

[Sonal] Am actually dreading the changing wardrobe bit.. I hate shopping..and don't even know what to buy..apart from the fact that London prices still shock me.

[Risha] Hope you get something better soon.

[30in2005]I too hate the 'formal wardrobe and stilletos'..I am the only uncool person who wears sneakers to office and then changes into formal shoes..but don't care. Cannot kill my feet with all the train changing in high heels. Btw.. what's a good place for formals here?

[MW] Done!