Sunday, March 04, 2007

An end, a long weekend and time for a new begining

February flew past, much faster than I expected it to.. and my last day at the current job came pretty soon. It was quite an anticlimax and somehow didn't even feel like the last day. There was the usual tension with a presentation I needed to finish and a rush with some other things to wrap up and that was it. Short bye-byes to people I've worked with and I left .. none of the magical rush I quite expected. At some tiny level I even felt a little bad. Though its been only two months I've made a few friends, got into a routine and was settled. Am just terrible at dealing with change, even when its something I want.

Everything was soon forgotten as we headed off to Chester the next day. Packing was left for 6 in the morning since we got back too late and too drunk to pack the night before. We finally got to Chester without forgetting too many things. What was supposed to be long lazy weekend turned out to be lots and lots of walking. I still can't figure out how we walked so much is a city which has a perimeter of 2 miles! But by the end of the three days I am certain we should have walked atleast 20 km. The most interesting was the walk on the walls which surround the city centre. We did this walk quite a few times at different times of the day. The city centre was also interesting. There was an attractive market where we came across a there was a delightful cheese shop. It was fascinating, the variety of cheese they had and we ended up buying enough to get bulk discount. The other highlight of the trip was the pubs. With B&B's stuffing you enough for two meals, our pit stops were at the local pubs .. including fruitfully using the half hour we got before our train back. Sadly yesterday was the maximum of our walking and we were just too tired to step out again to see the lunar eclipse. . instead we stayed in our room and ordered a pizza and had it with wine we had carried while watching some trashy action flick on cable TV. This is a usual on our holidays and is one of the most fun evenings. Today we came across a bookshop just before leaving where we got a lovely hardbound, illustrated copy of the complete Sherlock Holmes - its gorgeous!

And now we are back. The reality of starting a new job tomorrow has not sunk in. I still cannot believe that I will be travelling nearly 70miles each way and will be leaving home earlier than I have ever woken up. Fingers crossed, hope all goes well ..and soon you'll hear of what the new place is like. Till then, here are some pictures of the lovely Chester.

The typical black and white Tudor houses of Chester

The city walls, its a lovely walk on the walls.

Cute houses along the river Dee

Walkway along the river

A really cute little pub. Loved the fireplace with the 'real fire'.

Albion Inn, an interesting place, supposed to be one of the few unspoilt pubs

Chester by night


Me said...

Lovely pictures Pea and I amm sooo very happy for you about the new job.

Risha said...

70 miles each luck for your new job, hope you liked it, write about it, its ur 2nd day now isnt?

btw nice pics.

Akkare said...

Hey Pea, How is the new job going? The few couple of days are usually the most daunting. Heres wishing you the best 2007 possible.

Sonal said...

What lovely pics! Glad you guys had fun!

Don't worry about the distance, when the job is worth the effort you stop noticing it once you get used to it! I used to drive long distance to my first and much loved ex-job too! :)

Good luck for the first day!

Pea said...

[Me] Thanks :)

[Risha] Update done!

[Akkare] It has been pretty daunting and the mix of things has left me exhausted. Hopefully will be all upward from here.

[Sonal] Fingers crossed. So far have not had the guts to drive, with the train atleast I can work while travelling so feel less guilty about leaving on time.