Monday, February 26, 2007

Let the holidays begin

The best part of starting something new and exciting is waiting for it to begin. It was similar when I had got admission for my masters and I had half a year to dream about it (which ofcourse never included nightmares of post course trauma). And now before I start swimming in the tension of being in a big new place, I can revel in the happy anticipation.

Since I started working, everything else has suddenly become easier and I have ten times more energy in general. I didn't realize earlier how much both B and I were caught up in my job search tension. Finally, the notice period is nearly over and this is my last week at the current place. True to tradition (of my leaving a place) my last week is filled with work angst of completing projects. But its not too much worry, three more days and B & I head off for a long weekend. Its been a-g-e-s since both of us went on a relaxed holiday or even on a holiday just by ourselves. Definitely more than a year! Which is why we have not chosen some super activity filled location but a much more laid back place in north-west England. There's not likely to be much to do and I am looking forward to the relaxed weekend of long walks, stay in a small cute B&B and cable TV (with no TV at home, I get crazily hooked to TV's in hotels!).

With more time and another person earning there's suddenly a lot of activity on the holiday planning front. The pipeline for the rest of the year is fast filling up. This Easter we are going with some friends to Egypt for ten days. I am really excited about it. This will also be the longest holiday I have been on which did not involve going home. So, ofcourse, there's a trip home being planned for later in the year .. and going to Cotswold or Scotland with friends who visiting us in summer. You can expect to be flooded with pictures, but till then, am happily off to dream about them.


MW said...

It's stressful planning bank holiday weekends!! With our Indian passports, Mr R and I have to worry about getting 90 day Schengen visas that will cover Easter-August holidays. Last year, we did Italy for April & Aug and Austria for May. This year it's going to be Venice for Easter and possibly Florence in Aug.

A day's work will be lost trying to get the visa at the Italian embassy. Fingers crossed there.

Your trip to Egypt sounds great! Can't wait to hear about it and then make plans ourselves!!

The Cotswolds are fantastic too - lots of open countryside, flower filled meadows and (usually) nice B&B owners :)

Try Stratford-upon-Avon on a non-bank holiday weekend. You can visit surrounding towns at the same time.

Grafxgurl said...

i miss tv too!!!! im going crazy without one and Ed refuses to get one coz of all the trash on there!! WAAAAAA!!!!

well at least i have the Net!!
soon it will be my turn to start hunting for a job!!

Risha said...

have fun!!!

Pea said...

[MW] Visas are really such a pain!

[Grafxgurl] Enjoy settling down into a new place. Totally agree with Ed on the TV thing.

[Risha] It was nice. Are you travelling around the region while you're here?