Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Maybe .. just maybe

... the weather forecast for tomorrow is correct.

'Heavy snow' is predicted.. that's about 6 inches of snow. I know all of you in the cold zones of US and elsewhere are going to laugh at this heavy snow. But people here expect everything to practically come to a halt if it really snows that much.

I am of course hoping it does now. It was -3 deg Celsius today and I froze on my way to work. .one one measly overcoat felt like nothing! It can't get much colder.. but can definitely get a lot prettier!I have told my boss that I'll be late if it snows since I plan to take the camera and go picture make up for all my missed photo opportunities last time. Don't think the alarm clock will have much trouble waking me up tomorrow.. now just hoping all this excitement is not wasted!


Risha said...

am sure its not wasted :-)
its still snowing...its like 11 a.m in the morning now ...looking forward to see your shots of the snow

Beks said...

Do you have a flickr account?

Pea said...

[Risha] It was not at all wasted. Lots of adventures.. that's what the next post is going to be about.

[Beks] Yup. Any particular reason why you ask?