Saturday, February 10, 2007

And snow it did

With all the anticipation of snow, I hardly slept a wink on Wednesday night. I kept waking up every few hours and running up expectantly to then window. And finally at 5:00am I was rewarded! This time I didn't feel the surge of excitement as last time, maybe because I was expecting it .. or it was no longer the first time.

As planned we head out early to take pictures. We walked around and with some of the snow turning to ice, progress was very slow. B smartly hadn't carried his gloves .. so you can imagine the state he was in an hour later. I generously offered my gloves to him as he headed to office and I went on to take more pictures. After 15 minutes I was kicking myself since he must have been in a warm tube and now I was freezing!! More excitement as it started snowing pretty heavily and I madly kept clicking. The fun soon gave way to misery of frozen hands, getting lost and snow (turning to water) on the camera lens through which I managed some watery, hazy looking pictures. Well, I did find my way to a tube station and get to office not too late. And though I wanted to be home to some hot tea and dry clothes I had to trade it for wet sneakers and semi wet clothes and a long day at work. But it was a lot of fun and though I don't think next time it snows I'll go as crazy, I enjoyed the morning this time. Finally, some pictures of the 'heavy snow' (which btw created a lot of chaos!)

Everything looking so pristine. This is the approach to Regents Park

There were lots of others out with their camera's and people making their way to work. Can you make out the snow falling?

A cute little snowman near my office. I can't believe someone actually stopped to make this on the way to work. Which is likely to be the case as there are practically no residential houses in the area - actually none that I know of.


Mr. J said...

The snow is beautiful.. always is and so are the pics. Although it's hard to forget the havoc. Btw, me did the tag.

Me said...

I love snow!!!! And pea, it is beautiful and pristine...enjoy!

Chakra Sampath said...

Pics look very familiar as was the scene throughout UK last thursday. Thanks for the pics anyway. good job.