Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Today am feeling worse. I tried calling the NHS medical centre with which I am registered. In true govt style, I did not get through. So dragged myself over hoping that my picture of pain would induce some pity and get me an appointment. The person at the desk looked at me as if I am the biggest hypochondriac ever, so much for hoping to induce sympathy! I was given an emergency appointment for an hour later. In saying emergency she gave me a sterner look. Well I thought it was emergency enough since I can't get hold of my antibiotics till they give me a prescription. Ofcourse, she added that unless I look like I am wheezing to death they would not give me antibiotics (no idea how she read my mind!). With that I retired into the corner she pointed me to.

The only other patients were the really old people coming in for their free flu shots. . and some screaming babies who could express their agony more freely than me. Reception lady continued her mean, meaner, meanest treatment on most people except those who were old. Wonder if she would be more sympathetic if I had pointed out my grey hair(s).

I had not anticipated such a long wait so had not been smart enough to carry a book. Instead, I read leaflets on Depression, Problems of Overweight, Diabetes, Flu, Booklet of free vouchers from Mothercare (I was really bored, and the magazines looked even more boring than reading about symptoms of Diabetes) .. and a book on common ailments which specifically mentioned that when you have a cold and sore throat you should go to the pharmacist and not to the doctor. By now I had visions of he doctor scolding me for coming in and wasting his time and was thinking of an escape route. Thankfully my cold induced head was too numb, so I just stayed.

Finally 2 hours later I was called. The doctor looked me up and down. Then peered down my throat and my ears (I have a ear ache too) .. and that's it. He said it was an infection and then typed out a prescription. I felt so cheated .. after two hours.. all it took was two minutes. At any rate, I got what I had gone for, a one week course of Amoxycillin. I know it'll work .. I have this kind of thing once - twice a year and my family doctor no longer even asks me to go over but just gives the prescription over the phone.

Hope I recover soon. But till then may as well cash-in on some pampering. Yesterday I had some amazing tomato soup from M&S - something called Vine tomato with pesto. I also made some stir fry noodles. Tonight, B has promised me ultimate comfort food - khichdi. Now that you know everything about my runny nose, sore throat and ear ache, I can retire under my comforter and read 'The Piano Tuner', my latest acquisition from the council library.


Sonia said...

had EXACTLY what you had when i was in Calcutta last month!!!!!!!!! andd i took Amox for 5 days....i felt like prescribed. he;s our walking pharmacy!!
hope you feel better soon!!

Grafxgurl said...

urgghhh i hate beta blogger!!!it keeps messing with google and blgger accounts..err that was me above btw

Shionge said...

Oops! Sorry to hear this Pea, hope you're getting now.

Beks said...

oh Pea feel terrible for you. Yay! for Amoxycillin! have heard terrible things about the NHS, so I guess you're lucky they didn't send you off to a pharmacist...

Nee said...

Oh dear, well, at least you got the prescription! The whole NHS system is actually a fantastic idea, but it's unfortunate that the receptionists are so universally sullen!! The doctors aren't too bad though!

Enjoy the khichdi and take care of yourself!

Me said...

I hope you feel better soon:)

Pea said...

[Sonia] Next time I go to Cal..that's tops on my shopping list!

[Grafxgurl] All these advances for 'convenience' are sometimes quite irritating

[Shionge] better..but still some way to go to be totally fine.

[Beks] NHS has its pluses and minuses

[Nee] I suppose being a receptionist is the biggest test of patience. Some of the people who came up .. just didn't understand the simplest things.

[Me] Thanks. Am better now.. Hopefully should be fine by the end of the weekend